Justice delayed on Caprivi High Treason Trial

Dear Editor,

I am a concerned Caprivian who is wondering about what is happening with the Namibian democracy because to me I do not see it, because it is democracy to others and military rules to others. I do believe that where there is democracy there is justice and justice delayed is justice denied. If there is democracy in Namibia why is it not prevailing in the case of the Caprivi High Treason? Because these people have been locked in jail for eleven (11) years now, is it that there are no prosecutors and lawyers who can finish the case or prosecute the case or is their anything to loose at the side of the government?
Peace and tranquility which is said is been enjoyed by other regions except in the Caprivi region, because most people living in the Caprivi region are in torment of their beloved ones who are in prison saving the unknown years for unknown reasons. Their sons and daughters are also torched psychologically because of their fathers who are being called rebels daily. These children are being discriminated in the public sector offices, they are powerless orphans and widows, and they are being traumatized.
I want to ask those who were in Ruben island to tell me how it fills to be separated from your beloved ones and to be kept in prison for unknown years for unknown reasons. And how did your families suffer during your absence? Did your families enjoy the same benefits equally to those of ordinary people? Were your families happy about what that regime did to you? Did they vote for them to be in power for ever? If they could do that, will you fill happy?
Let me once more say Mr. Government, people of the Caprivi region are busy giving their votes including those’ husbands are in jail, do you think they are not heart broken? What do they expect in return for their votes? Do you know? I guess they want their husband to be released if I quote them well, and what do you do when they vote you in power? You stifuns the law and amending others laws to grantee their husbands’ life in jail, is it fair enough? If this is not the case why is there no end to this high treason case?
I think its time for the government to listen to the views of the people of Caprivi even though they are not allowed to talk and even expressing they fillings and when ever someone does so, he will be hunted like a beast, but what I know is that leaders are ready to listen to the concerns of the people in general if you cannot do it who will? PW Botha did that, he gave Botha to do that and the last administrator General Luis Peiner settled everything, why not with our current President not doing that? I am informed that there was a delegation from Caprivi which wanted to see the President, but the President was not available, I believe they can still go back on the same issue again. We need the government to do something about this case because we also want our brothers to be re united with us again, as they were our breadwinners and the only workers in our families. Do not just look at us as tools for putting you in power but also people who deserves to be happy like other people.
I do not support the word forget the people and remember or do not forget the land, so I say love the land and its people for that you will reap more, mean do not only consider our votes and forgetting those who are voting for you.
Thank you
Aldrin Mahulilo (Concerned Caprivian)






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