Installations of pre-paid water system must go away


UNPRECEDENTED implementation of the botched new pre-paid water system in the town of Katima Mulilo which was launched April 6, 2018 without consulting the electorates and entire residents’ shows signs of bad governance and mis-conducts of the Councillors and the administrator of the town.

Caprivi Vision Editor, Risco  Mashete  Lumamezi

This is an expensive project that is earmarked to fork–out millions of dollars from the residents compared to the conventional billing system which is cheaper and affordable system which only costed N$ 450 for the connection, whilst the connections of the pre-paid system demands N$2 500 per household.

The pre-paid water system in the town of Katima Mulilo is not something that we can call new because it was once introduced and it failed why bring it back again?

The Town Council of Katima Mulilo cannot introduce something that they cannot finance, they are supposed to avail funds for it instead of passing the expenses to their clients, they brought up the idea and they should be responsible for it.

Moreover, with the old water system that they want to get rid of, residents paid for those gauges that they are busy removing when they install the pre-paid meters, the normal logic here is that if residents paid for them then they belong to them or the Town Council plans to benefit financially from these gauges.

Therefore if KMTC introduces and installs in every household pre-paid meters what happens if there are technical issues or difficulties and someone runs out of water during week-ends and public holidays cannot purchase water, making life difficult for that person, that person might even have minors or kids to care for then what happens to them?

However, everything in this world has its negative and positive side. People are always complaining about how their water bills are always high due to statistical hiccups caused by lack of trained manpower, well the Council is throwing the ball in our own court yards for us to control our own water.

The pre-paid water system makes life easier for us it reduces receiving those high water bills, but the only mistake that the Town Council is making is that they want to charge people for what they came up with, then they use the funds they will raise to pay their contractor instead of paying their huge debt to Nam Water or salaries.

To be substantial enough they should finance it, another question that still remains is, was the Council told that people can afford it? let’s all face it with the current financial status of Namibia nobody has time to be throwing money around every penny counts or being hummed for life.

The current SWAPO led government should really wake –up to keep an eye to Mal-administration with mass corruption to recall Councillors and institute a presidential commission to investigate deeper on all pending issues of land, demolishing of houses, town boundaries, corruption , nepotism and tribalism, road infrastructure and development, health matters, refuse removal and etc…that are happening at KMTC something needs to be done at the Katima Mulilo Town Council in order to address residents problems in order to fulfill the concepts of taking government more closer to people and service delivery and customer care.

All in all this country is a democratic State you cannot impose things on people that’s violating their rights and they should be respected no matter how you think or feel that you are making life easier for them.






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