Imperforated anus patient needs attention

By Risco Lumamezi

Gift Mikatazo born on September 14, 2007 with his rear opening clamped, which prevents him from discharging (excretes) wastes is in dire need of proper medical attention and assistance.

This twelve-year-old boy with an imperforated anus is still in need of proper medical operation, as his recent medical operation last year did not yield anything.

Gift Mikatazo with the makeshift bag on his abdomen where he excretes his waste products

According to his blood mother Ms. Lilian Kabuba Pangula (37) told Caprivi Vision that Mikatazo was referred to Windhoek for operation in 2018, for surgery on his clamped rear opening which went well, but unfortunately when he arrived home it closed itself.

“My son is really in need of help to live well” said the mother.

Earlier in 2013, The boy`s parents Mr. Charles Mikatazo and Ms. Lilian Pangula told Caprivi Vision that the ordeal all started when the boy was born, “I realised when a day was born that his rear was closed and that prevented him from egesting”, explains the mother that upon realising the situation, she rushed back to the hospital the very same day she was discharged from Katima Mulilo State Hospital where she says Medical officials only took x-rays of the boy.

The mother explained that she was transferred to Rundu State Hospital the next day where surgery was performed on the boy. “They performed an operation on my son, they brought out his intestine that carries out his wastes, they made an opening on his abdomen and placed a make shift bag which collects and stores the boy’s waste products”, she said with a sad expression.

Though of recent, she further commended the latest medical operation that it also improved some occasions where the boy when urinates, some of the wastes used to come out through his male organ along with the urine, and his intestines have gotten big, but all this are no more as the intestine fixed to his makeshift bag is in good condition.

The boy is currently attending his school, doing his grade 5 at Luusu Primary School some 42 kilometres south of Katima Mulilo.

However, the parents  are therefore asking for the donations from good samaritans as they are both unemployed and the boy`s condition requires him to constantly be fed, the bank account details for the boy is Lillian Kabuba Pangula, Account no: 74249042694,First National Bank for more information call cell phone number: +264 812679794 / +264814600032.

Concerned Parents of Gift Mikatazo, (left) is the Father Mr. Charles Mikatazo and the Mother, (far right) Ms. Lilian Pangula






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