HIV Positive Woman speaks out

By Dominic Sikopo
A 28 -year old woman who hails from the United States of America is proving to be a true inspiration that people can live a positive life despite having HIV and AIDS.
Ms. Hydeia Broadbent has been living with a virus that causes Aids for the past 28 years of her life but she explains that people can live normal lives with the disease.

Ms. Hydeia Broadbent is living a positive life
Ms. Hydeia Broadbent is living a positive life

She announced this at the just ended HIV/AIDS awareness week held from the 22 – 23 April 2013 at Katima Mulilo`s UNAM Campus.
Ms. Broadbent disclosed that she contracted HIV while in her mother`s womb, who was a drug addict (who was infected with the virus through using an unsafe needle).
“growing up I faced a lot of stigma and discrimination because I was HIV positive, I faced a lot of negativity from teachers in my pre-school”,
it was then that Ms. Broadbent and her family took action to speak out against discrimination and the stigmatisation of those who were HIV positive.
She further advised that the only way the fight against HIV and AIDS could be won was for people to work together.
Caption: Ms. Hydeia Broadbent speaking during the HIV/AIDS awareness week at Katima Mulilo Unam campus.





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