Health Minister bids fare well

By Staff Reporter

Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Richard Kamwi said his goodbye message to all staff members of his ministry in Zambezi region on Thursday.

 The amused Dr Kamwi, was proud to announce all achievements and progress made by his ministry during his term as a cabinet minister, among others about hundred (100) primary health care clinics were constructed and opened in Namibia.

“ I owe to all of you, present here and to those in the wards and the spray men and women out there,” explained the out-going minister for kicking malaria out of Namibia.

According to him, critical shortage of health personnel has been minimised since the establishment of three health training centres for registered nurses, taking 90 registered nurses at Keetmanshop , Windhoek   and Rundu and six for enrolled networks, with special trainings for Namibian medical doctors going to friendly countries of Namibia such as Russia, China ,Cuba and South Africa.

Dr Kamwi expressed his last words of encouragement as minister to the staff of the ministry in Zambezi region saying “ Today I’m devoting my vote of thanks to all of you staff of the health sector in Zambezi region, I would like to share with you individuals how you managed, but I decided to invite Maswahu Albius Mbuche , to say to you while you are resting , we will always remember your contribution as a manager in your tenor for what you have done ”

He also thanked his former employee, Mr. Ignatius Nkunga now special advisor to Zambezi Regional Governor, Mr Lawrence Sampofu to continue making his contribution to the ministry of health “Ignatius Nkunga, wherever you are today you are the special advisor there, that’s not your profession your profession is here you put it well, keep on loving your profession, we value your contribution as a director responsible for primary health care in this region, you stirred it for us. Inform Michael Likando to continue on the good course for what is doing ,he must continue cutting the fore skin of the boys and men, we value of what he has done”

He promised that, three brand new clinics will be constructed at Linyanti, Lusese and Kaenda.

“The veteran nurses I see in front and at the back all of you don’t retire, 60 years is just the number , as veterans our work is to mentor these young ones , this region calls for all of us to be there , we must be there and help the youth , by so doing will be respected by all ”

“On the 21st of March they will be new leadership for the Ministry of Health   and Social Services, I would like to use this opportunity, to make an appeal to all of you present here and those in the offices and those you left in the wards to render the maximum support in order for this country, for this region to render and realise our goal of health for all Namibians, the road map of the ministry of health and social services with its corporate culture and public private partnership frame work of 2014 has been approved by cabinet, what remains is its implementation, however, for the new leadership to succeed in all this

It calls for maximum support from all sectors including Zambezi Health Directorate”

The Health Minister further thanked the out-going president Hifikepunye Pohamba for appointing him as minister and the Namibian people who voted for the ruling SWAPO party last year, he accepted criticism from the public raised on media in the region for poor health service and he apologised for the inconvenience caused and assured residents that his ministry will continue providing quality services to the people in the region and beyond.






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