GRN applauded for Welcoming Ex-UDP SG

Dear Editor,

The heart-warming welcome viewed on NBC news of the return from exile of Namibia’s “prodigal son”, Ex-United Democratic Party’s Secretary General Chrispin Mutoiwa, ushered another era in Namibian political history, a truly free and democratic state.

Mr.Mulife Muchali

To the many exiled Namibians from the Zambezi region, President Geingob once said, “Those that regard this as their country, they can come back tomorrow. We will see to it that they are well received and not ill-treated”.

Subsequently, former UDP’s exiled Secretary General answered that call. A good beginning for peace and reconciliation. Don’t forget that many great nations had gone to war, but managed to reconcile their differences for the common good of the country, so can it be for Namibia.

Thus, the Namibian government should be applauded by welcoming its “prodigal son”. Equally, Zambezi regional governor, Hon. Lawrence Sampofu, and his team made the country proud by diligently carrying their responsibilities – representing the Head of State and government.

The brim smiles and firm handshake made the day! Without the doubt, it’s getting an inch closer in building the all-inclusive Namibian house where no one should feel left out. Brick by brick, the house is having its cracks plastered.

Many may think, after having become an American citizen, one would think twice about coming back to Namibia. Again, it proves the old adage right, east or west – home is best. Namibia is home to the many exiled Caprivians.

Ex-UDP’s Secretary General made the right decision by denouncing secession, as it was nothing more but a distraction in many people’s lives. The idea of secession should be cast out and be buried by those that could have been misled one way or another.

Even though at a slow pace, Namibia has started another historical journey that will diffuse and bury the secessionist aspiration of a few. The country, especially the Zambezi region, had paid a hefty price for the secessionist saga. The time for healing is now.

Certainly, inhabitants of the Zambezi region should focus their time on building the Namibian house to greater prosperity. That will be time well spent because there are many challenges facing the region and entire country. A combined effort will produce better results than having others chasing the wind.

With the return of ex-UDP’s Secretary General, the over 900 Namibian refugees living in Botswana must now follow suit. There is no better way of saying it, but the notion or dream of an independent Caprivi Strip is a fallacy – a hallucination – that will never happen. No matter how anyone would want to argue the matter, inhabitants of the Zambezi region are full-fledged Namibians just like anyone else living in the country. The lie must stop!

If history can teach us anything, some people of Rehoboth had tried to wedge the same struggle, but common sense prevailed. Many realized that, despite our ethnic groupings, Namibia is home to all and the sky is the limit. The idea of secession betrays the sacrifices of many whose blood waters our freedom.

For Mutoiwa, welcome back home. I wish you the best of success as you reunite with your family and start playing a positive role in building to the Namibian House. We are one people – one nation! Namibia is home for us all.

On that note, as I have made many times before, I call upon His Excellency President Geingob to extend the olive branch to the political prisoners by pardoning and granting amnesty to all. As a nation, there is more work to be done than having our attention diverted by petty politics. Let’s forgive and move-on together as a nation. One Namibia One Nation!


Thank you,

Mulife Muchali






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