Govt should intervene in rural water bills

Dear editor, allow me a space in your newspaper to share my views about the water bills of the residents who are staying outside the town.

I have seen that the tender for erecting water gauges in rural areas was not discussed with the ordinary people, because these gauges were said to be installed in every village during the time of registration.

But this ended up into a vice, because people were not consulted before the work was done after the installations of these water taps.

We fetch water at a long distance close to 500 meters from our water points to our villages, some people and subsistence farmers take advantage to unlock other people’s taps and open water for their livestock animals for drinking, and other people those without taps, they also take advantage to fetch from other people’s tap including the passes byres, Who go and dig (Malamatwa) Devil’s Craw at Kaliyangile they do fetch water at night in dozens of drums and take to their homesteads at night.

I also experienced this to those who are cleaning near the Trans –Caprivi Road, as they also fetch water at night for free of charge , so it’s a disadvantage to us to pay  the bill  which exceed even a veterans’ pay.

I suggest that if the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry can help the inaccuracies of water charges which are skyrocketing Namwater Cooperation, to put security guards to our water point premises otherwise we are paying for the water we are not consuming at all.

Mr. Mashika Sicacani

Kozo Village

Kaliyangile Area

Sibbinda Constituency







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