Govt must treat residents of Impalila Island well

Dear editor,

Allow us a space in your newspaper to express our concerns as follows; to begin with this letter of complaint, the government of the Republic of Namibia makes life difficult to residents living in Impalila Island.impalila Island

Traveling to and from requires traveling documents such as the passport or emergency travel permit which to an extent seems to be not good to all of us living in Impalila Island.

Such laws as one may look into it , were put long ago and we find it difficult to understand why people must have all those things just to travel to and from Impalila, we want to know why the government is treating us like people who are not Namibians.

We also want to know why do we have to buy food in Botswana every day and night ,some people have to work in Botswana and like our government can’t create jobs, shops in Impalila Island to prevent all these movements to neighboring Botswana.

Former president Sam Nujoma used to go to Impalila to promote employment and now our precious island has been neglected by Namibians as such the current president Hifikepunye Pohamba has not been to Impalila island since he came to power . We the residents of the island are worried why his excellence has not yet set his foot to help an island that was once fought for with Botswana.

When will be people going to live in peace like any other place in Namibia? people in Impalila live like they are from Botswana and not in Namibia.

If this continues and nothing is done, the residents fear segregation of its rights. If shops and job opportunities are created, the island will once again see new development.

Some cabinet ministers have been to the island and we appreciated that some are well for their towns and not for the nation as a whole. One of the capable ministers is honorable John Motorwa who we see that he is doing a lot for Kavango region and Rundu, and I urge other ministers to do more to improve our island.

We the residents of Impalila will feel great if our concerns are to be taken into consideration because as Namibians we all want to be happy as citizens of this country…

Concerned Impalila Island Residents






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