GMS Church distributes food to Katima residents

By Simon Liseli

Global Movement for Salvation Church (GMS) donated food parcels to Forty (40) families at Katima Mulilo on Saturday, June 13.

The food parcels are part of assistance for COVID-19 to people who did not qualify for Emergency Income Grant (EIG) that was received by other Namibians countrywide..

Among the food received included one bag of 12,5 kg maize meal, 2 kg of sugar, 2 liters of cooking oil and 1 kg of salt per family, and all parcels valued  an amount of N$9000.

Donation was meant through the Church where Samaritans offered some monies to purchase food that were distributed to 40 families of Macaravani West an informal settlement in the west of Katima town , and the event took place at the Church premises located between Pasela Mall and Capricorn Guesthouse in Katima.

Residents of Macaravan West in Katima Mulilo receiving food parcels from Global Movement Salvation Church

According to the Church Pastor  Mr. Ernest Muyunda,  the donation is not to show that the church has a lot but to encourage others to emulate the love of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as they give in love and humility to others.

“The bible stated in John 3:16 that ‘for so God loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have an everlasting life, so as a Church following the teaching of our lord and the savior Jesus Christ, we have decided to be a blessing to 40 families during this difficult time of COVID-19” pastor Muyunda  quoted from the bible.

This is the second donation in the region after the Office of the Prime Minister that was distributed to 1188 street vendors under the Regional Emergency Management Unit for Zambezi last month, where they received four tins of canned fish and one 10kg of maize meal.

Witnessing the church donation during distribution was Zambezi Governor Alfea Sampofu who appreciated the church for making effort of helping the government to support affected families in this serious situation of COVID -19 pandemic.

He commended the church and appealed to other churches and private sectors to come on board.

Sampofu also warned beneficiaries not to sell food parcels they received and go for alcohol rather eating or give those without food.

“Don’t sell what you have been given and drink alcohol, alcohol is not good, eat your food or give it to others who didn’t receive and are hungry” warned the governor.

Governor Sampofu thanked people who made it to happen by donating money to purchase food parcels and give them to vulnerable people who used to survive by vending in streets and now seriously affected due to the epidemics of Coronavirus.

“Those who gave donation I thank you and I pray to God to increase where you have taken” he said.

Mr. Ndala Ndumba who benefited from the donation commended the church to provide people who are affected with hunger in this hard situation.

He echoed the same sentiment by Hon. Sampofu in appealing beneficiaries not to sell food they have received and drink alcohol.

“I used to see people the at Macaravani west where I say, they spend their day at the dumping site waiting for rotten food that used to be thrown at the site, is what they eat meaning we are suffering, donation like this should be appreciated especially to we Angolans who doesn’t have even identity documents” he remarked.

Seen in this photo is Zambezi Govervor Alfea Sampofu (Centre) and Pastor Ernest Muyunda of Global Movement Salvation Church (Right) handing over food to Katima residents

Ms. Florentinah Ndjamba aged 60 years and survives hard life, thanked Global Movement for Salvation church for donating to her food parcels that she never expected as it came like a dream through the mercy of God.

“Today I will have something to eat at my house that I didn’t expect to happen on this day, I thank the church for this help, god bless them” said Ndjamba.

Ms. Muyaiwa Kabuku who received parcels on behalf of her grandmother said they had nothing to eat at their house while on the same time her grandmother is on bed sick without even medication. She pointed out that her grandmother depends to the church for everything without the church she could have left them.

“Even the house where she stays now was belt by church so I thank the church very much, I was at Dairy preparing to go for piece-jobs and someone told me to come to church on behalf of my grandmother, and I was coming in darkness because I didn’t no what I was coming for, only to found that it was food when I arrived that I never even dream of, thank god for this donation keep the churches moving and help people” she lamented.






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