Ganja president nabbed by army and police

By Staff Reporter

President of Ganja Users of Namibia (GUN) and Rastafarian United Front (RUF), Mr. Brian Jaftha was arrested by a mob of soldiers and police officers during operation in Windhoek on Wednesday morning.

Mr. Brian Jaftha,President of Ganja Users of Namibia (GUN) and Rastafarian United Front (RUF)

This came after the activists under the umbrella body called Ganja Users of Namibia held a peaceful protest march on Good Friday and Tuesday when they handed over their petition to parliament calling for the legalisation of the use of cannabis in Namibia and abolishment of the outdated apartheid law “Abuse of Dependence-Producing Substances and Rehabilitation Centers Act of 1971” which prohibits the use of cannabis in Namibia.

According to the press statement, the military operation was led by forty (40) Namibia Defence Force (NDF) soldiers accompanied by five (5) Namibian Police officers and four Windhoek City Police Officers.

“The NDF officers many of them highly ranked officers searched the whole place everywhere.GUN President was beaten, kicked and assaulted all over by heavily armed army officers while GUN’s General Borro Ndungula was severely assaulted for requesting officers for search warrant, 4 people were found at the offices and 2 of them plus the president were beaten up and kicked” quoted the statement.

Ganja Activists in Namibia

The press statement further described the operation that “The heavily armed officers stormed the office without a search warrant and searched the office everywhere”

GUN is an advocacy organisation for cannabis legalisation in Namibia, which is there to protect the rights and freedoms of cannabis users in Namibia.

However, head of Public Relations in the Ministry of Defence Lt Col Petrus Shilumbu confirmed to Caprivi Vision that the operation was commanded by Namibian police and refused to comment, he however referred all enquiries to Nampol.

Nampol Head of Public Relations Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, his phone remained not reachable.






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