Fumise – a True Educationalist at heart

By Simon Liseli

HENDRICKS Nyamayabo Fumise , commonly known as Mr.Shitaa who hails from the Caprivi Region was born at Makanga Village some 80 kilometres West of Katima Mulilo, on 10 March 1970. His father, who has since passed away in 1988, is the late Mr. Dornard Mulauli Kachaka (Fumise) from Makanga and Masida, was a mufwe and his mother Moxha Makombwe Shitaa, who was well known as Boma Mawaya who originates from Lyanshulu and Sauzuo, was a Yeyi and passed away in 2004.
He was born in a family of 21, him being the last born to his mother and the 5th from his father’s side. To his mother they were blessed to be 12 children and to his father they are 9, totaling the number to twenty one (21) of which 17 are men and 4 women.
“My late father was a polygamist and my mother became his second wife,” said Mr. Fumise.
He started his education at Kanono in1977 in Sub A, due to illnesses during that year he failed to complete his first Grade and they were together in the class with his friend Sandy Mwilima who is now a senior teacher at Mayuni Senior Secondary School and in 1978 he continued with the same class at Gunkwe Primary School, some 30 kilometers South of Katima Mulilo.
“My Principal by that time was Mr. Alfred Muňalisa with the late Ignatius Mutumba as his Head of Department (HOD) and Mr. Martin Mombela was a senior teacher and now working for NBC in Katima Mulilo, I did my Grade 1-7 in 1978- 87,” he remembered.
He did his Junior School at Mafuta in 1988 in Grade 8, 1989 he then took a transfer to his home school (Masokotwani) where he continued with his Grade 9. He used to walk from Makolonga (where he is presently living) to Masokotwani Combined School and due to long distance his brother from her mother Mr. Rodwell Mukendwa Kasika who raised him from his childhood decided to take him to stay with him at Katima Farm near Katima Mulilo town where he was working as the Farm manager in 1988
From 1990 to 1992 he did his Grade 10-12 at Ngweze Secondary School and he was a brilliant learner who used to take the first position during examinations, the school principal was Mr. Ben Sasele now retired.
In 1992 he completed his STD 10 now Grade 12 with a Matriculation Exemption and he was an SRC Chairperson with Fedelis Muchali as his Vice Chairperson.At School he was good in athletics, volleyball and soccer. His best friends were Luscious Nyambe nick-named as Kajaha, Victor Puteho Kangumu who is now Health Inspector at Walvisbay Municipality, Albert Matongela Mutonga who works for Bank of Namibia as a Senior Economist and Oscar Sikanda Alfea a Chief Trade Promotion Officer in the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Mr. Fumise, who is also known as Nyamayabo his first name was to get work soon after he completed his secondary school. “I was appointed as a temporary teacher at Muyako Combined School and that was in 1993-94 teaching Geography, Life Science Grade 10 and my principal was Mr. Bonwell Sinvula now retired,”He was re-appointed again as a teacher at Sachona Combined School in 1994 , in July he was transferred to Mayuni Senior Secondary School where he taught Agriculture, Economics and Business Economics from STD 9-10 and his principal was Mr. Jerome Tuwelo, his other responsibilities at school was supervising sports activities and collections of mails.
But his burning ambition was to become a qualified teacher and so he did not stay long as a relief teacher. After working for two years, he quit the job at the end of 1994.
After teaching for two years, he felt that he was an under qualified teacher. He applied to the University of Namibia in Windhoek where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics majoring in Business Studies/management science with Accounting II in Education, in1997 after having entered the University in1995. He did his degree in three years as he matriculated with full exemption (for passing subjects with high grades), in 1992 with cape education department.
At University of Namibia he was elected as a chief electoral officer responsible for monitoring the elections in the Student Representative Committees and at the same time he was a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC) representing the Faculty of Economics and Management Science and that was in 1997. In February 1998 he was appointed as a teacher at Max Makushe Senior Secondary School in Kavango Region where he taught accounting Grade 11-12 at the same time he was teaching Geography to Grade 10 and he was the Vice Superintendent for the School Hostel.
On July 1, 1999 he was transferred to Caprivi Senior Secondary School (CSS) and started teaching Development Studies and Business Studies for Grade 11-12, Accounting and with Business Management Grade 10 and also assisted with Life skills Grade 11-12.
In 2002 he was awarded a certificate of merit in the region as the best performed teacher in Development Studies by the national examination committee.
He served as a subject head for Business studies since 1999 and Development Studies Grade 11-12 since 2005 at Caprivi Senior Secondary up to date.
“When it comes for marking I am the team leader for (DST) national examination in Windhoek since 2005, responsible for moderating marked scripts by markers and due to accuracy and consistency in marking people are now calling me as chief marker,” he quashed.
He enrolled for B-Tech Education; Commerce Degree with the Technikon Pretoria on distance in 2000 and completed it in 2001 which he passed with Cumclaude and was also awarded a certificate as a best student.
In 2003 he transferred to Windhoek High School and taught Accounting in Grade 9,11 and 12 while studying for a postgraduate (PGDE) at UNAM and completed it the same year, he passed it with distinction and was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s medal as the best student in the Faculty of Education at UNAM in 2003 academic year.

Upon completion he came back home at his former school CSS where he is still teaching at this time.
Asked what challenges are in teaching?

Mr. Hendricks Nyamayabo Fumise -(Shitaa) a 41 year old long serving teacher plans to become a Financial Manager after teaching for 15 years completing his MBA talks to Caprivi Vision

There is great shortage of learning resources and maintain discipline in classroom which you are teaching and finally ensure that all learners are participating and listening to what you are teaching.
Do you think your job is rewarding enough?
Not really rewarding enough because competent teachers are left aside once it comes for promotion and this does not motivate them to work productively.
Would you recommend your job?
I would recommend it because a teacher is a future leader giving light to the young generations and is a producer of all professions like doctors, engineers, accountants having being in the profession for 15 years as a teacher and I have produced many learners who are now graduates some with master and PHD degrees .
How does one get involved in this type of a job?
You should be committed and dedicated towards your work (teaching) and professionally qualified so that you know how to handle learners with learning difficulties.
He was married to his first wife 1993 where he has raised four children, three boys and one girl and now married legally in 2009 to Mrs. Precious Miliko Siluka Fumise having three boys with her.
His favorite food is Chicken, Meat and Water-Yarm (Lisoto) with thick porridge, favourite drink is Coke and Cream Soda and his favorite music is gospel especially for Winnie Mashaba. “My future career goals now I am intending to study MBA-Finance at UNAM and join the private sector,” he furthered.






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