Flood victims urged to move to higher ground

By Simon Liseli

RISING of the Zambezi River shows signs to people living in flood prone areas to start moving their properties and live stocks to the higher grounds for safety.    

Zambezi Governor, Lawrence Sampofu is appealing to flood victims to start shifting to higher grounds before it’s too late, saying Zambezi region is always hit by flood whether the is rainfall or not flood is received from upper Zambezi and weather focus shows that this year there will be normal to above normal rainfall from this month of February to April.

Water levels of the Zambezi River stood at 1,57 meters compared to last when it was on 4 meters

“Even now as we are talking the river is already over flowing into slow valleys, when I was at Impalila I observed that in some valleys water has already started coming out of Zambezi” he said.

Areas such as Namiyundu, Muzii and Nankuntwe are already over flowing in flood prone areas of the eastern Zambezi and as for now flood will depend on rain in the upper Zambezi such as Zambia, DRC and Angola which are catchment areas of Zambezi River that used to flow it once they are full.

“Possibilities of flood are there but it will be late because by this time it would have been already at 4 meters” he said.

Governor Sampofu mentioned that a group of officials was sent to go and warn flood victims to start moving their livestock to higher grounds because the rapid rise of the Zambezi River indicates that there will be more floods than last year.

“Am repeating myself that people living in flood prone areas should start moving their animals and properties or any other assets that they see they cannot keep them in danger zone areas to upper grounds now”  Sampofu warned.

The governor also appealed to parents to always escort their children to school when flood comes to avoid loss of lives for children who cannot pass through as sometimes flood water is too strong when flowing.

“We don’t want what happened last year to repeat again, we lost children is why am appealing parents to be escorting their children whenever there is flood”.

He added saying that those who feel to be safe in flooded areas can stay but they should keep in mind that whenever they are in danger of flood to report with immediate effect for assistance to go to upper grounds.

On Tuesday the Zambezi river stands at 1, 57 meters but it continue rising while at the same time last year the level of water was at 4 meters.

Governor Sampofu further called for unity to residents of the region for development to come, and therefore appealed to other political parties in the region to campaign well in the presidential and national assembly elections slated for November this year.

“We want developments in this region and this can only come once we unite and work together, those stories of demonstrations all the time scare investors, so we should see to it that when there are problems or challenges we come together and talk about it not to go on the street, though people have rights to demonstrate but before we do that lets come on the table and talk” he concluded.






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