Farmer loses his two cattle

By Simon Liseli

A Livestock and crop farmer at Chantuwu in Liselo area missed his two (2) cattle that were driven out of his kraal by unknown people on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at around mid-night.

Mr. Anderson Kalembe Kambinja (82), who resides at Chantuwu North West of Katima Mulilo had his animals  stolen, and reported the case to the police at Katima Mulilo police station, and it is alleged that stolen cattle crossed to neighboring Zambia.

Caprivi Vision caught-up with him to hear more on what happened and how far was the case.

Mr. Kalembe divulged that on the following morning after missing them his son and a head boy followed the footprints of the cattle and on arrival at Yeta in Zambia where footprints directed them they established that their cattle were loaded in a truck as the was only some truck print.

On their return to Namibia, members of  Zambia Police Service arrested them for entering into Zambia illegally and were only rescued by the Namibian police to return back home.

Mr.Kalembe further mentioned out that last year he lost thirty-seven (37) heads of his cattle and were all not recovered and he didn’t report that matter to the police because they failed to trace other cattle that were stolen previously.

“Even these two that were stolen last week, we are not hearing anything and that is why people are sometimes not reporting to the police because we lost hope” he noted.

A cow and an ox that were stolen, it was discovered that they were followed by three people as per their footprints.

“Those people who used to come and steal my animals, the day I shall meet with them they will be afraid, I don’t have teeth in my mouth but they will be afraid am telling you, I will beat them” he lamented.

According to the Police Spokesperson in Zambezi, Inspector Kisco Sitali who confirmed the incident to have happened said they are suspicions that there are big connections among those people who are being stealing cattle in Zambezi to Zambia especially those who previously worked as cattle headers in the region and knows all the movements of the cattle owners.

“I suspect that there is a high market of cattle buyer in Zambia” said Inspector Sitali.

He  added that police law enforcement who have been patrolling along the borderline  are disturbed by people who are cutting down timbers at the border, digging Devil’s claw ( Malamatwa) and other things along the border as they are already roads where vehicles are driven to pull  timbers and devil’s claw.

“I urge farmers should to be very careful with their head boy because we suspect them to be coming back after they dropout and go to Zambia” he further urged farmer.







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