Farmer loses 17 head of cattle struck by lightning

By Simon Liseli

A-74-year-old Namibian male Mr. Lucious Mungondo , a war veteran farmer lost seventeen(17) head of cattle after they were killed by a lighting on Wednesday morning at Kongola some 120 kilometres west of Zambezi region.

SEEN on this photo are some of the seventeen(17) head of cattle struck hit by lighting at Kongola on Wednesday

This unfortunate incident happened at Kanana village in Kongola constituency at around 10 hrs am when the rain thunderstruck and lightning hit his cattle and seventeen of them died instantly.

Mr. Mungondo described the incident as a big loss that he won’t manage to recover without support from good Samaritans.

He is appealing to government, non-governmental organisations and business people to feel mercy on him and donate anything affordable support that will sustain his family life as he won’t even be able to plough during the coming rainy season because of his oxen that have been killed by lightning.

“What happened yesterday was not expected and no one can explain it only God knows, it was a small cloud that just formed in the sky, I called people who I left at the farm, they told me it was raining but not that much, after 15 minutes from my call, they returned my call telling me that seventeen of my cattle have been hit by lightning and died on the spot, living my head boy with an injury, I got shocked  but nothing I could do, last month (February) one of my oxen was again hit by the same lightning and also died, that is  why am saying only God knows what is happening” he explained.

The dismayed farmer, who was happy to hear that it was raining at the farm hoped that his small maize that are still growing will grow faster was left without power when he heard about that unfortunate incident.

Among the cattle killed, there were eleven cows and four among them, were about to deliver calves while six (6) big oxen died on the spot.

“It is a loss because many people don’t eat meat that died due to lightning so people won’t buy as expected and it’s a lot of meat, seventeen cattle” said Mr. Mungondo.

Meanwhile Nampol Katima Mulilo Police Station Commander, Chief Inspector Charles Mayumbelo confirmed the incident to Caprivi Vision that it happened yesterday (Wednesday) at Kongola west of Zambezi region.








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