Family appeals Govt to establish Simbwaye’s death


A Concerned Family member of the late Mr. Brendan Kangongolo Simbwaye, a missing Hero and Leader of the Caprivi African National Union (CANU) is appealing Government to establish the truth of his death and the whereabouts of his grave.

Concerned relative, Mr. Palanyana Simbwaye
Concerned relative, Mr. Palanyana Simbwaye

 According to Mr. Palanyana Simbwaye (54), a nephew of the missing leader revealed to Caprivi Vision that he has extracted some documents (affidavits) describing his mysterious death.“ We want true history, if the government can come to the family now they will get true history because the family know better than whoever in Namibia” explained Mr. Simbwaye. He said, after he was killed, they took his dead body and was rolled in a chicken wire and then he was poured with gallon of oil and later buried into an unknown grave at WENELA boarder between Namibia and Zambia.

 He however, urged the Namibian government especially the Founding Father, Dr. Sam Nujoma to take the matter seriously and to visit the suspected area at WENELA where it is alleged that many missing people were buried during the time of apartheid. “I salute in the name of Jesus, that these graves which are unknown at WENELA border area. Raises suspicions and task is on our shoulders to get rid of these unknown graves.” Quashed Mr. Simbwaye.

 He stressed that more research is needed to look back into the historical regime to come up with those graves to build up the society. “It is our time to stand up as a team that we can come up with this international research for our people who lost their lives through struggling for our independence or freedom of our beautiful country Namibia.”Concerned Mr. Simbwaye is appealing to the founding father of the Namibian Nation Dr. Nujoma to help the family to reveal the truth and he therefore requested the government to publish the names of all people who were killed and whose graves were not found “So I believe requesting our former president Dr. Safishuna Sam Najoma to be present for these graves which South African colonial government were torturing and killing our people.” He said.

He added saying people like late comrade Simbwaye, Tobias Hainyeko and many other comrades who were killed their names are not mentioned. “Imagine for example the Namas and Hereros who were killed by the Germany, their skulls have been identified in Germany and were sent here to their country, what of just within our people who were killed here in Katima Mulilo.” Asked Mr. Simbwaye.

He encouraged one another to fasten belts to come up with a true story not propaganda history “let us not ignore our history, because this is a risk to our generation including us and for our future”.

“Some of the Boers they are still alive in South Africa and blacks are still alive even here, some passed away but they left us with colonial history in our minds. These Boers were recruiting people from our neighboring countries we know all these history so why can’t we come up with this research.”

 “Jesus came up on earth with true history that whoever is going to believe in him will enter the kingdom of God. It is known that the amendment of our constitution is a law of reconciliation… yes we agree and believe that it is a true law from bible.”

The Missing Hero, Mr. Brendan Kangongolo Simbwaye
The Missing Hero, Mr. Brendan Kangongolo Simbwaye

“Here is a question, do we forget and continue saying this slogan that they were missing without any objection of measuring colonial torturing and killing of our people. So right now it is our time to make a decision of this research of searching of our people where they were killed and buried, our God is God of history and creation, this is a government which is democratic and free from oppression no tribalism, no favoritism, and discrimination only peace, unity, freedom and stability.” Lamented late Simbwaye’s nephew.

 On behalf of late Simbwaye’s family, Palanyana further called for unity “ we are reminding government to continue spearheading the monument as stated by founding father Dr. Sam Nujoma”

 When caught up for feedback on the matter, Mr. Ambassador Ipinge Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, responded that his Ministry is waiting for whoever having a credible information regarding all killings happened in the past  as his ministry is getting it hard since the former colonisers did not leave anything that can determine the acts “ I’m therefore requesting Simbwaye’s family to bring those documents to us so that we can investigate together with the police to get Comrade Simbwaye’s grave so that we can give him a better burial” said Mr. Ipinge.He further informed all war veterans and beneficiaries in Zambezi Region who registered in 2008 that they will hear the status of their registrations before the end of this year.








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