DTA to swallow pressure groups

By Staff Reporter

The Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, DTA of Namibia is hoping to swallow all pressure groups in Namibia and internationally ahead of the general elections expected this year.

Secretary for Information and Publicity, Mr. Lascan Sikosi
Secretary for Information and Publicity, Mr. Lascan Sikosi

This was recently announced by the party’s Secretary for Information and Publicity, Mr. Lascan Sikosi that it will amalgamate all social, economic, academic, political, racial and tribal groups of Namibia and internationally where necessary.

Since its formation in November 1977, the party survived being the umbrella body of all tribes in Namibia during apartheid and after independence.

 This has been its main objective by acting as a representative of the people of Namibia and serves their interests in upholding and preservation of the Namibian constitution.

 “Fellow countrymen and women, the time for awakening has come, to focus on the future of our Nation; we need a political balance in this country as we renew our party”. Said Mr. Sikosi.

 “Our aim is moving Namibia forward in all aspects of life, when elected into power by the people, we shall serve the people by tackling socio-economic issues by 2030, we aim at attaining vision 2030, make it a reality not just a dream.”

 He added that, DTA of Namibia aims to provide all Namibians with opportunities to ensure for themselves and their families a decent quality of life that is free from shortage of common basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and safe drinking water.

 When elected into power, DTA promise that it will lift Namibians out of poverty and transform them into sustainable employees. “While increasing production and delivering growth, the DTA will implement a universal Basic Income Grant (BIG), extending social security provision and benefits to those engaged in the informal sector as well as establish a minimum social protection standard to unemployed Namibians.” Said DTA Secretary for Information and Publicity.

 According to him, The DTA will address poverty reduction through the introduction of a range of initiatives available to Namibians at all stages of their lives to assist them in overcoming specific challenges that affect them as well as to take advantage of equal opportunities for development, social mobility and prosperity.

“The DTA will ensure that all Namibians emerge from the schooling system numerate and illiterate at internationally benchmarked standard.”

 Mr. Sikosi mentioned that the DTA will also ensure that tertiary education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) system deliver graduates to the world of work that are competent and well trained with skills set with the demand of industry.

“The establishment and implementation of such a system is dependent on the collaboration and constrictive cooperation of a range of actors, namely the state, the private sector, the education fraternity, civil society and parents”.

“The DTA of Namibia will ensure that employment opportunities are extended to all Namibians, thereby placing in people’s hands the tools and means to become productive citizens and fulfill their highest potentials as well as that of their families. The DTA will reduce unemployment to below 10% by creating sustainable employment opportunities in key growth sector of the Namibian economy.”  he said.

 The DTA also believes that Corruption is a sophisticated crime by nature. Therefore to combat it the legislative framework need to address  it effectively.

 “However a robust legislative environment alone is not sufficient in the anti-graft fight, and in the absence of affective implementation and enforcement thereof, efforts and resources will be spent largely in vain.”

The DTA which currently having two seats in the National Assembly of Namibia further cautioned that it will never entertain corruption in its time of rule and as an opposition party.







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