Don’t change Caprivi name

Dear editor,

In Response to the proposal on re-naming the Caprivi Region which was reported in the Namibian Newspaper of Monday, July 30, 2012.

I don’t appreciate what the SWAPO led government is really after this region. What is the problem of being called a ‘Caprivian’?? I hope that is the only issue that fumes SWAPO for change of name.

Mr. Fred Waluka, National United Party (NUP) Leader

In 2000 the same proposal was mentioned by the late Hon. Councillor for Katima Rural, late Leonard Chaka of SWAPO at the time and the proposal didn’t work, the same party is coming with the same issue which is not going to work again.

This name ‘Caprivi’ is a very important name that unite people of this region and we are proud to be called ‘Caprivians’ it is not a tribalist name but a bring together name of this bread basket region.

For example, (1) There is no problem in changing the name of a village called Schuckmansburg in the eastern Caprivi to any other name because it is a village, go for it there is nothing wrong but changing ‘Caprivi’ will need the government to spend money (2) It will need the will of all people of this region not even a single person or a tribe can change it. (3) A referendum should be called for every person to have the right of voting for change.-

Some elements of this country don’t want people of this region to be in peace but in chaos always, that bring issues that crack the heads of the Masubias and Mafwe tribes with enmity to start fighting each other.

Caprivians be aware of issues that bring disunity to your region it is high time, you should stand together.

Look for the future of your Caprivian Child; refuse people who want to divide you in order for them to gain supremacy over you.

Take care of your borders especially the boundary of western Caprivi which is always changing every night, the Kongola has being reduced from its normal border with Kavango but nothing is being done by the current regime.

Our people are being shot dead at the border of Botswana; Caprivian people are not protected at all. The BDF (Botswana Defence Force) have been shooting and killing the people of this region since independence (1990).

The Caprivi Regional Council should definitely do something over the issue of the Botswana border than concentrating on the name change of ‘Caprivi’ but people need protection.

By Fred Waluka

National United Party Leader (NUP)

Caprivi Region

Cell: 0816796277







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