Dialogue the best solution to the Caprivi Strip Crisis


TO: Botswana Government

CC: 1. Namibian Government

  1. UNHCR- Botswana
  2. Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  3. Ditshwanelo
  4. Namibian human Rights (Namirights)
  5. Botswana Christian Council (BCC)


SUBMISSION 18 April 2017

We the Caprivian refugees in Botswana continue with our heartfelt gratification, to thank Botswana Government for the hospitality shown to us since our arrival in 1998.

Many things has happened to us while in Botswana, on a sad note, we would like to let you know our fellow Caprivians, our sympasisers and our foe Namibia that we have this far lost more than 400 members of our community, those have laid their heads down in the struggle. Guess what? all left one message to us that says, “Comrades, struggle Continues”. Like in a war, they all died fighting to free their motherland Caprivi Strip.

We lost leaders that we love so much, both they left the same message” struggle continues”.

As long as we live we shall never succumb to any pressure from the enemies of our independence; Namibia is reminded again that stop following us, we don’t belong to you, we know what we want and we were not and are not misled by anyone.

The Namibian Government through its Minister IVULA ITHANA recently struggled to make herself clear on clearance of all of us Caprivians in exile.

On a sad note again, with due suspect we suspect that Botswana has shared our individual personal file information with Namibia, collected during our arrival in Botswana. There is no how Namibia could do profiling with regard to us refugees in Botswana without having access to our confidential information.

We are not happy with this act; in itself is a breach of international protection of Refugees, we now wonder how Botswana is going to protect us, and from whom? Because we fled from Namibia whose aim is to destroy us. Our enemy number one is Namibia which is occupying our Country illegally.

We therefore would like to respond to the ill developments that are planned against us, to destroy our future, our history, our identity as a people and finally obliterate us.

We would like to inform the world that (Caprivians) have the capacity to seek and find weapons of war, we can also choose violence like what many other liberation organizations did, this means we can also opt for any other means apart from peaceful approach to liberate ourselves from the illegal occupation of our Motherland Caprivi Strip.

Above all the means, we cannot deny who we are, peaceful and civilized people and well vested with principles governing humanity.

Why we continue to defy Namibian democracy and refute all deceitful plans aimed to return us is for the fact that Namibia continues to reject the UDP proposed peaceful approach to resolve the Caprivi issue. It is now for everyone to understand and believe us that if Namibia was a peaceful Country that respects human rights we could have not fled in different Countries. Caprivi issue could have been resolved internally.

For those doubting Tomas we challenge them to propose the Namibian Government to peacefully resolve the Caprivi political crisis, the answer will be that Namibia is a democratic Country and a unitary State. We wonder who made it a unitary state and died instantly; because what makes it a unitary state is the constitution which has been altered several times now on different matters.

Never forget the point that unitary state of Namibia, from it foundation does not and will not include Caprivi Strip because Caprivi is not part of Namibia.

Botswana and the world should understand that the spirit of resolving problems peaceful in SWAPO got finished during the liberation struggle for Namibia; as for us, we shall continue to speak our language which is peace for the world to know.

Wild animals have ways on how to make peace with each other through their way of Communications.

We have also hit a record of communications made through Botswana Government, Namibian embassies in Botswana, through Church organizations, human rights organizations and many others to remind Namibia to consider dialogue with the UDP leadership to amicably find a permanent solution to the Caprivi political problem.

All other forms of strategies, either treachery, pretence, maltreatment, harassment, buying us with money and more promises shall never resolve the Caprivi issue.

We want Caprivi in its state, poor, ugly, small or whatever, as it is and nothing more.

Madam IVULA ITHANA and her Government always becomes happy when one or ten people decide to return to Caprivi, such to her demands the address of parliament thinking that this is how the struggle of Caprivi shall end. Not remembering how many people left SWAPO during the struggle.

For us, we say struggle continues.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God; Mathew 5:8














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