Deputy PM Addresses Mafwe at Lusata Cultural Festival

By Simon Liseli

NAMIBIA’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah addressed hundreds of the Mafwe subjects during the annual gathering of the Lusata cultural festival on Sunday and urged them to follow suit and use culture and tradition for unity.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah addressing the Mafwe Tribe at Chinchimane on October 1,2017.

Hon. Nandi-Ndaitwah told Chief George Simasiku Mamili and his subjects that article 102 (5) of the Namibian constitution says ‘There shall be a Council of Traditional Leaders that shall advice the President on the control and utilization communal land and that traditional leaders are recognized in Namibia and have a role to play in national development agendas.

“As Africans we are attached highly important to our rich yet and diversity traditional cultural heritage. A heritage that our traditional leaders and custodians have such practice must preserve for the benefit of present and future generation,” she noted.

She called for the use of diverse cultures and tradition to enrich and unify communities referring to cultural ceremonies to be celebrated for purpose to promote unity among the nation.

“It is a fact that sustainable development can only be realized when people are working together in unity, we must all join up our president in embracing and speed up Harambee and make contributions to effective implementation of Harambee Prosperity Plans with the ultimate goals to eradicate poverty” she said.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister most of the majority people living in rural areas are the most people under traditional leadership. She appealed to traditional leaders to assist the nation to ensure that diverse culture do not divide people but to unite and bind them together.

She however applauded His Royal Highness Chief George Simasiku Mamili VII and his fellow leaders across the country that is pro-development to work together in collaboration with the government in implementing national development projects. “It is gratifying that our people including Mafwe are multicultural”.

The Deputy Prime Minister encouraged traditional leaders and their subjects to continue cherishing the diversity of their communities and consistently resist temptations and forces that may divide people.

“Namibia has peace and stability since independence is admired internationally and we become a reference point when nations are discussing conflict area where the United Nation (UN) is involved. World commission says culture is the foundation of our progress and creative, it must be carefully nurtured to grow and develop,” she stressed.

Mafwe Ngambela( Prime Minister) Patrick Likukela

She added that traditional leaders are to provide leadership to ensure investment into positive development culture and avoid temptations to get into negative development culture. Hon. PM called on residents under traditional jurisdiction to have responsibilities to support their leaders as they carry out their work in with the constitution of the country.







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