When is Decentralisation going to regions of Namibia?

My name is Boniface Mutolwa Libanda, a retired government employee registered as a pensioner on 21 March 2014.
Since I was retiring on the 31 March 2014, but to my vast surprise up to now nothing is witnessed yet.
Why like this? Where is the office responsible to do this entire job?

If it is a big job to process these claims then decentralisation is needed urgently instead of having us suffer like this.
Apart from this issue is the omission of other months in the process of these claims.

I’m told the office only begins paying when they are done with the claim grant.
The question is where are the monies of the delayed months going?

These months need to be equally paid because this is what happens with the employees of the GRN.
May the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare urgently do something to assist us since we are the most special citizens in the country?





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