Christian Radio donates money to Linyanti charity

By Aldrin Mukendwa

A Christian Radio Station, Channel 7 has donated a tune of N$9570,95 to Sampisi Project, a charitable organisation based in Linyanti village some 75 Km south of Zambezi region.

The funds were used to buy construction materials for the project and food stuff for the pre primary school at Linyanti village.

Handing over the Bank Windhoek cheque was Mr.Michele Erdtelt  who was accompanied by his wife Ms.Marianna Erdtelt who are representing Channel 7 in Katima Mulilo.

Handing over the Bank Windhoek cheque of N$9,570.95  is Mr.Michele Erdtelt ( right) a representantive of Channel 7 Radio Staion in Katima Mulilo to Sampi Project based in Linyanti village
Handing over the Bank Windhoek cheque of N$9,570.95 is Mr.Michele Erdtelt ( right) a Representative of Channel 7 Radio Station in Katima Mulilo to Sampi Project based in Linyanti village

Pupkewitz mega build donated free transport to deliver the material at Linyanti and Zion Ministry donated food stuffs to the Project.

The project is currently running a pre -school at Linyanti, the building material will be used to construct an open market at Linyanti.

Sampisi project is having five staff members, Ms Beauty Musisanyani as the project Manager, Ms Catherine Maungulo as a member, Marietty Muyunda as a Teacher at the pre- school and Ms Hildred Simunji as the Secretary. The project opened the kindergarten on December 19, 2013 with a total number of 44 children.

Speaking  at the handing over ceremony ,Mr. Erdtelt thanked the community of the region for their efforts in contributing to the radio station channel 7  which is being broadcasted countrywide, “this bring us together once a year for fund raising, the funds that are collected are  sent to the head office in Windhoek, the head office then donates ten percent of the fund which has been sent to them for that particular community or town to the committee which is steering the fund raising and that ten percent is handed over to the welfare organization somewhere in that region”

He added that several applications were submitted and thereafter, the committee has re-evaluated all the different organizations, which at the end one charitable organization was chosen to be successful.
“ Today we are announcing the handover of  this amount then divided into material and the amount which was left they bought food stuffs until the amount on the cheque has been exhausted, So these ladies are the proud owners of the amount on the cheque.” Explained Mr. Erdtelt.

However , the amused  Sampi project manager , Ms. Beauty Musisanyani commended  efforts made by  channel 7.
“we have been taking care of the orphans,hiv and AIDS patients,the poor , the aged and a kindergarten. we will continue working hard  for the community of Linyanti” said Ms.Musisanyani.

Channel 7 is  the Christian Radio Station which links together all Christians in Namibia with its head quarters in the Namibia’s capital, the main purpose of the radio station is to spread the gospel, the station has 33 transmitters and can be heard in 43 towns all over Namibia thus linking together Christians from all denominations. To keep the station on air the Christians in all the towns in Namibia take part in the Radiothon held in August each year.

During this week people donate money or items that are auctioned off. True to the biblical principle to give a tenth of the money collected to the community.
Last year they requested registered charities to contact them. The committee for Channel 7 in Katima viewed these applications and after much thought awarded the money to the chosen charity.
Every dollar or item given-no matter how small of how big will bring a blessing back to the community. “One cannot reap if you do not sow and we thank God for everything Christian gave something to this cause 2013” said Mr. Michele

About 97 percent of the people living in Namibia are Christians. For many years the Zambezi region and its people were known of.
Now that channel 7 has a transmitter here- Christians can join hands to help each other and spread the good news of the gospel.






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