Chief Mayuni Commends Govt

By Simon Liseli

CHIEF Joseph Tembwe Mayuni, the Royal Highness of the Mashi Traditional Authority recently pledged the Mafwe tribes’ continued commitment to the Namibian Government.

The Royal Highness of the Mashi Traditional Authority , CHIEF Joseph Tembwe Mayuni.

Chief Mayuni made the commitment before Minister of Information and Communication Technology , Joel Kaapanda during the Tulikonge annual cultural festival held on August 12 at the Mashi headquarters.

Chief Mayuni thanked the government and its agencies for good governance and transparency to all regions, when he reiterated that his subjects will stand firmly on their feet in support of the SWAPO led government.

The chief said the Mafwe speaking communities under Mashi Tribal Authority have benefited from the government projects such as the community court , traditional authority and Kongola police station, which will serve to minimise the criminal activities in the area.

He added that an inauguration of the nature conservation office at Susuwe in the national park, Veterinary and Works offices at Kongola settlement are also other benefits which the community have received from the government.

Although much has been achieved, Mayuni said the communities face hardship over the lack of portable water supply, which could help reduce the spread of diseases.

He further said that it was the community wish for all to have access to electricity through the rural electrification project and that a border post to be set up at Singalamwe to control unnecessary movements between neighbouring countries.

“Today everyone is at liberty, peace and stability because of SWAPO leadership, which liberated this country. However, the communities are still facing challenges, which need government attention.” Mayuni said.

Mayuni used the same platform and called on his subjects to register their land within the area of their jurisdiction and appealed to the government to engage in a dialogue with the Botswana government to stop killing foreign nationals( Namibians) found on their land.

“Peace and stability in the country is needed. The government to engage into a dialogue with the Botswana government to stop killing people found along side of the Chobe River.

If someone is found guilty he or she should stand trial. We should all in calculate and instill the culture of one Namibia, one nation in our minds,” Mayuni said.

Mayuni also appealed to the parents to urge their children to attend schools as education is the only gate-way to secure their lives and a bright future is based on education.

The chief urged them to give their children necessary support so that they refrain from truancy and other dangerous activities like alcohol and drugs as they can lead to the affection of HIV pandemic disease.

“Be next to your children and guide them positively. The community needs to observe the culture and tradition in order to guide their children to know their values, norms and respect each other.” Concluded Chief Mayuni.





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