Chief Mayuni calls on Government to settle demarcation land disputes

By Staff Reporter

Mashi Royal Authority Chief Joseph Tembwe Mayuni has called for the Namibian government to demarcate land in bid of having the land disputes solved at Caprivi Region.

Chief Joseph Tembwe Mayuni of the Mashi Traditional Authority

Chief Mayuni made this call when he was addressing the delegates of the just ended  15thannual meeting of the Council of Traditional Leaders that was held in Katima Mulilo at the  University of Namibia (UNAM) Campus.

Chief Mayuni said that some Traditional Authorities in the country, including the Caprivi region, are faced with land dispute dilemmas as there are no demarcated areas of Jurisdictions.

“It does not make sense for leaders to fight over land as Article 100 sub-article 1 of the Namibian constitution states that land belongs to the State and Traditional authorities are only custodians of the land”, the chief said.

Chief Mayuni further noted that government should intervene in land demarcation at Traditional Authority level, as the Delimitation Commission that was assigned by government to demarcate the regions and constituencies for governors and councillors.

“Not only will land demarcation promote peace and harmony in our region but it also minimizes tribalism, because people will learn to respect each other.

Chief Mayuni added that the demarcation of land will also prevent the unnecessary appointment of senior and traditional councillors outside areas of respective Traditional Authorities Jurisdictions.

“I am appealing to those in attendance to seriously consider these recommendations for the sake of peace and stability.” Chief Mayuni said.







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