CCG Chairman laid to rest

By Risco Lumamezi

Induna Lennox Kalima Lutambo’s casket is laid to rest at Liselo Grave yard

THE Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) Chairperson Mr. Lennox (Kalima) Lutambo Lutambo was laid to rest on Friday July 29, 2022 at Liselo.

He died on 23 July, at the age of 49 after a long illness. He battled with colon cancer for three (3) years.

Late Lutambo served as an Induna at Liselo Sub-Khuta of the Mafwe Traditional Authority, He was a member of the Chief Advisory Council on Land of the Mafwe Traditional Authority.

During burial service,  Induna Kalundu Siambiso , Senior Induna from Chinchimani  Palace of the Mafwe Royal Establishement , who representated Chief George Simasiku Mamili, described late Induna Kalima as a brave person who was on the forefront on the jurisdictional land dispute between Katima Mulilo Town Council, and the Mafwe Traditional Authority.

CCG Exective members mourn late Induna Kalima

Mr. Edwin Samati, Secretary General of the Caprivi Concerned Group described Induna Kalima as a traditional leader, traditional doctor, an activist and a breadwinner who shared everything he has with everyone.

“We ask God to cherish, uphold and protect his legacy of kindness, tolerance, selflessness and bravery. Wherever there is a dispute or a fight even in the family, bring peace. Whenever and wherever there is injustice, bring justice. Whenever and wherever there is oppression, bring or fight for freedom! That is his legacy”

CCG salute Induna Kalima’s visionary leadership in making their objectives a reality, they have promised to continue celebrating his legacy in July, every year.

“We have petitioned UN, AU, SADC, the President of Namibia and recently the National Assembly under his leadership. We have done 85 percent of all we can do under the current circumstances. A referendum, which is one of the key objectives of CCG, is in the pipeline. We have achieved a lot under his leadership.

Therefore, CCG will have a memorial event to celebrate and contextualize his life or legacy every year in July as long as we live! We will work with you, his family, to formalize the continuity of his legacy on access to land, housing for those in need and human rights. His legacy shall live forever.”

He survived by his wife, twelve (12) children and six (6) siblings.

Seen on this picture are the members of the Caprivi Concerned Group executive members inside the grave , showing their last respect to the late Chairperson Lutambo

CCG Secretary general further expressed his message of condolences that “Indeed, we are all heartbroken that he is no more with us , but we believe that death released him from  the unbearable pain he endured during his illness, and from all the troubles of this sinful world.

May the grace of God be sufficient to sustain the family he left behind. May the Almighty God allow his soul to rest in eternal peace.”







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