Caprivi saga needs a political solution

 THE long standing hot issues of the Caprivi over the years in Namibia  have just created some repercussions in a society that is still claiming that the Caprivi Strip was unilaterally created by God according to its geographical set -up.

 A long trial of the Caprivi  treason had yet been described as the longest trial in Namibian judiciary system  since ever, while in this marathon some  of the treason trial awaiting prisoners had perished.

Our eyes are still open, a narrow view history is doomed. But they are still developmental status quo to the current generation to understand some misunderstanding surrounding the Caprivi saga.

 The pioneer leaders of the former Caprivi Strip ( now Zambezi) participated much on the Liberation Struggle of Namibia  and some sacrificed their lives for the independence of Namibia  which was (Germany South West Africa )  and Caprivi Strip before the  first World War.

History tells us that the two political movements at the time,CANU and SWAPO merged to fight for one common enemy (imperialists)  and the victory was achieved in 1990 when the new nation was born under the banner of SWAPO PARTY of Namibia.

Following the political road map of the Caprivi before and after Namibia’s independence, and what are the benefits of those Caprivians who have died in the name of CANU and whatsoever but all still remain unanswered.

A political marriage dispute which dating back in early 1980s  when  the pioneer leader (Mr. Mishake Muyongo ) returned to Namibia before independence who later became leader of the official opposition party for two terms ( 1990-98 ) in parliament still under the calabash.

Politics of secession was launched in this region and exodus of Caprivians started and the war was waged which later left some orphans without the fatherhood.

A political question is still making  some circus in this part of this country which jointly fought for independence.

President Hifikepunye Pohamba and the first president of SWAPO and Namibia Dr. Sam Nujoma are favourable to bring this issue to an end, to decide whether should totally remain as a step daughter of Namibia or  not.

Changing the name is not the solution to end the political saga of this great region but would fuel agony.

Dear Mr.President Pohamba  you should understand that they are still other people with the minds of their own that the name change was imposed to the people without testing their opinion, therefore for the  sake of peace and harmony to cherish in this country it is important to reverse the decision to allow people to go for a referendum on the Caprivi name  and all its political saga.






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