Caprivi Land should not be the prize

Mr. Risco Mashete Lumamezi

THE ongoing donation of the communal fertile land of the Caprivi region by our respected Traditional Authorities to the government should not be seen as thanks giving to safe guard the current conflict of the Caprivians.

However, this should be a foundation that will concretise the local economy to solve social problems that exist among the people.

While allocating these resources, we must bear in mind that underdevelopment, poverty and unemployment are the major challenges that should be on top of socio-economic and political agendas.

For the last decades and today, leaders of this country have been preaching developing the Caprivi in different spheres of farming but nothing seems to materialise up to date.

Though projects under agricultural sectors are under way but these are showing signs that they will not meet the aspirations of all our people if not taken seriously.

The projects that we visited as a community / Regional paper all still lacking equipment to produce quality food to serve this country.

On the level of job creation, they are still far as employment creators and some of the projects, which we cannot mention, are still embroiled with labour disputes on labour matters pertaining working conditions and wages.

How can we bring more food on the table to the rest of the people of this nation if the majority are still denied access to education?

We have to think tank that in order to fulfill these projects which have been initiated by the government and our traditional chiefs , the University of Agriculture should be erected in the region to give people knowledge and skills to bring employment that will bring food to all our people.

Enough rain, rivers and fertile land are the natural resources that we believe can solve our problems if planned and utilised well.

Now that more and more land is still being allocated for these well talked green schemes and some irrigation projects in Caprivi …

We assume that these will bring a positive results if the University or College of Agriculture is established in the Caprivi which we hope that is a good initiative that will otherwise boost the local economy and GDP of the country.





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