Caprivi Governor emphasizes on fish resource management

Caprivi Regional Governor , Lawrence Sampofu
By Simon Liseli

Governor Hon. Alfea Lawrence Sampofu has urged the regions’ community members to economize and properly manage and control fish resources as it is fast becoming a scarce commodity.
Sampofu echoed these sentiments during the official inauguration of the new Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) offices, where research to assess fish stock and consumption will be done, during its commissioning by Minister Bernard Esau on May 24.

The new offices will boost a state-of the art aquarium with local common fish species that will be displayed for training purposes. Extension works on fish farming and sustainable resources management will be expanded while fishing gears will be strictly controlled with support of the regional council.
Speaking at the launch, Sampofu noted that the region, which is blessed with perennial rivers and floodplains, contains fish and edible river products, which serve as staple diets for many people within and country wide.

Caprivi Residents attending the ceremony in Katima Mulilo

“Overfishing using illegal methods is very common in our rivers especially bashing, night time fishing with lights and use of restricted fishing gears.
The local community mostly eats fish, without proper management and control the fish will be depleted in the river.
I feel that other mechanisms need to be introduced, either by closing or restrict fishing activities in our water to give space for the fish to breed or to introduce protected fish reserves to stock main channels of the rivers” he said.

Sampofu encouraged community to be fully involved in the management of fish resources and not only see it as food also to generate income through diversification of use, as some fish species attracts tourists through sports such as angling or leisurely by viewing.



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