Bukalo Village Council Kicks Out Limbo

By Simon Liseli at Bukalo

IN the just ended press conference on Thursday over the matter between Bukalo Village Council (BVC) and former Chief Executive Officer Mr.Martin Nyambe Limbo was finally dismissed as CEO by BVC.

Reading the press statement Chairperson of BVC Mr. Charles Sikabongo Siyauya told reporters that Mr. Limbo was afforded an opportunity to be heard in an independent disciplinary hearing held at BVC and while Urban and Rural Development Minister Hon. Sophia Shaningwa appointed Mr.Frans Kwala as the Chairperson of the disciplinary committee and the council was represented by advocate Orben Sibeya who was an initiator during the hearing.

Chairperson of Bukalo Village Council ( BVC) Mr. Charles Sikabongo Siyauya during the press conference held on Thursday September 7, 2017. Photo taken by Simon Liseli

Mr.Limbo was charged and later convicted on various serious misconduct charges that led to the delivery of his verdict on June 2, 2017 and judgment was passed on July 6, 2017.

The committee recommended that Mr. Limbo must be dismissed from his position of CEO of BVC deliberated on the matter and was satisfied that a sanction of dismissal was appropriate.

The line minister Shaningwa was consulted and agreed to the position taken by BVC and recommendations from disciplinary committee. Based on several counts of misconduct in a disciplinary inquiry and related recommended penalty of disciplinary committee which were both served on him, the council then decided to discharge him from his position as CEO in terms of section 29 of the Local Authority Act, Act 23 of 1992 with effect from 22nd of August 2017 and was informed of his rights to appeal.

He appealed to the chairperson of the Zambezi Regional Council, Hon. Beaven Munali but his appeal was set aside and the ministry seconded retired Naomi Karupa who worked with the ministry for above thirty years to act as CEO of BVC untill a substantive appointment of the new CEO and resumed her day to day duties on the 1st of August 2017, she will act as CEO up to October 31, 2017.

Among charges Mr. Limbo faced was absenteeism, failure to cause minutes of the village council since 2015 to 2016 they were no official minutes taken by the council.

Unauthorized appointment of staff members, gross financial responsibility, highly service provider without tenders approval, neglecting to pay service providers, unauthorized transfer of funds, failure to follow council instructions not to host a gala dinner in 2016, putting council name in dispute, failure to ascertain the correctness records of compensation for establishment in Bukalo, misrepresentation and disowned cheques of the amount exceeding available funds in the bank account.

BVC Chairperson Siyauya further wished Limbo the best in his future endeavors on behalf of the council and appreciated good work he did during his stay in the office.




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