Bukalo upcoming musical artists release new Album

By Martha Matongo

Mr. Carlo2 (Simbuwa Chrispin) who is 18 years of age and Ed- gee (Edgar Siusiku) 24 years of age launched their second CD Album on the 30th of August 2016 at Kasheshe area some 35 kilometres South West of Katima Mulilo Town.

Their music is Rumba Disco but Mr Carlo 2 can also do RnB Music which is his favourite.

Ed- gee (Edgar Siusiku) and Mr. Carlo2 (Simbuwa Chrispin)
Ed- gee (Edgar Siusiku) and Mr. Carlo2 (Simbuwa Chrispin)

They classify themselves as Bukalo upcoming Stars because they come from Bukalo Area which was recently proclaimed as a Village Council.

Before the launch of their CD, they had a live show performance which was held , at an area called Ihaha where they were invited by Mr Timothy Mayanga the owner of Mayanga Bar on 29th of July 2016.

Their CD launch named Bawamba Zangu was held at Kasheshe as mentioned, which inaugurated Mr Black Mamba’s Bar who is also a music artist and all the public was invited on a free ticket.

“We launched with a serious combination without a limit”, Ed- gee said.

Ed-gee is older in the music industry and inspired Mr Carlo2, said why their album is called Bawamba Zangu which literally means “people talk about me”

“Where ever i perform because my music and dancing are hot” he added.

He sings true stories that are happening around people. Mr Carlo2 was born in a family of 8 with him being the fourth born and Ed-gee being born in a family of 5 and him came third. The two Rumba disco Musicians have at a certain time in 2003 went at the same high school at Sanjo Senior Secondary while both have the same interest of Music.

“ We always record our music in Zambia with Virus Musanto from Chipata and Short Life who resides in Sesheke”, said Mr Carlo2.

Both the two Artists are friends and their favourite food is pap with meat and cabbage.

For any sponsorship or performance bookings, please feel free to contact them on their mobile numbers as follow: 0818288732 for Mr Carlo2 and for Ed-gee : 081 2918563.












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