By Collins Lyamine

A 67-year-old man and a well-known top traditional musician in Caprivi, Godfrey Muyoba Milomo was threatened by the Bukalo traditional court last month.

The court ordered a ruling to confiscate his new album for this year(2002) alleging that words in
the song revealed some Indunas [councillors] practice. Muyoba who is popularly known on
the NBC and Channel Africa air waves is a well talented traditional Sipelu singer who can sing from the vocal of his voice.

In 1995 he was one of the best competitor of the NBC music makers competition with the song entitled “sikokiyana kwa bunde” that revealed the taste of beer and has so far attended many music festivals in overseas countries.

The musician who plead the trial together with the NBC Lozi service Radio announcer, Linus Muhaze
who was accused of recording the Muyoba’s album as a reliable source explained.

A closed source told the Caprivi Vision that “although the song did not reveal the practice
of indunas direct the two were persecuted in line with deformation of character while
Godo was singing of the Bloemfontein court that has a prosecutor and asking why other
courts not having”

He further said If the song has its meaning and presented at a national interest why should they be penalized, I listened to it and it has no abusive words on indunas. I challenge them that “quote me well anybody who has his or her name in the song should come out”.

A man with many names Kaela was warned not to repeat in an angles revealing some traditional court practice.
“How did they know that he was singing of them and it means he was singing the truth” he pointed out.
However, Milomo’s new album was banned -down by the court not to be played on the NBC Lozi service and its copy has been reserved in the traditional court’s file.
“He can still sue them at the government court for making a copy out of the songs because is forbidden.”
A source blamed the traditional court for accusing the NBC employee whom he said”
he is employed to inform, educate and entertain the nation.
“ From there I find no reason why Milomo should be blamed if he sing of people because are the one that makes mistakes not animals”.
He said. Moyoba and his counterpart both walked away with two heads of cattle charged
to each.
He urged all traditional courts in Caprivi to unite the Region” there are our leaders and should unite us”.
Meanwhile Muhaze and his colleague could not comment after the news team opted to save them from more troubles.





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