Buffalo attack survivor cries foul

Buffalo attack survivor cries foul

By Simon Liseli

A ZAMBIAN born national Mr.Beaven Namakando who was attacked by a buffalo in 2002 at Mafuta compound, some 10 kilometers east of Katima Mulilo is concerned of his life because of pain he feels when sleeping during night.

The unfortunate incident happened to Mr. Namakando and his other two friends on 10 November 2002 during night when they were from nearby bushes where they went to relieve themselves and a buffalo, which was from nowhere, attacked them all.

Buffalo attack savivor, Mr.Beaven Namakando

His two left ribs were broken and got injured in the chest. The concerned Mr. Namakando was rushed to Katima Mulilo State hospital and was later transferred to Katutura State Hospital in Windhoek where he spend a month on medication, but was not compensated anything by the ministry of environment and tourism for the injuries he sustained.

“I am worried of my life as I speak because nowadays am experiencing pain in my chest when I sleep during night and I can’t carry heavy things as I used, I feel pain and I was not compensated even a cent by the ministry of environment and tourism for injuries I sustained maybe its because of my nationality but my friends (Namibians) got some monies” he noted.

He told Caprivi Vision that he is unable to find piece of jobs and earn a better living because of pain he is experiencing in his chest.

“It happened long time but am surprised now why it has started paining again I got my medications well and followed all the required instructions I was given by my doctor” he added.

Poor Namakando claims that his other two friends who also sustained injuries on the same attack were compensated only him was not compensated and don’t know how to go about it.

“I don’t know how to go about it, is why I need help from others now I am suffering and you know a person needs lot of things in life and to get those things you need to be a hard worker but if you unable to work how will you get them” he concluded with a question.

Approached for comments to hear from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism Public Relations Officer Mr. Romeo Muyunda proved futile.






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