APP launches its election campaign in Katima

By Staff Reporter

All People’s Party (APP) launched its election campaign in Katima Mulilo on Thursday  to prepare for the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly elections slated on November 27.

Mr. Linus Lifasi Muchila, APP Chairman in Zambezi and Party Candidate for National Assembly Elections 2019

Speaking during the launch the national chairperson and a candidate for the party Mr. Linus Muchila emphasised much on some of notorious problems that people are facing which prompted the party to contest in the upcoming elections with the hope of  making difference.

Mr. Muchila mentioned out that poverty and inequality, unemployment and cheap labour, homeless, underdevelopment and absence of national identity documents  are some of the key serious problems that need to be addressed across the country.

“We have unequal society; one extremely rich while others live in abject poverty. The rich continue to be richer through corruptible practices and the poor continues to be more poorer and no one seems to dare standup to stop these evil and criminal act by the current government enrichment schemes” noted APP national chairperson.

According to him unemployment rate that stands at 28% in Zambezi alone is too high for the small population in the region with abundance of natural resources adding that Zambezi region used to excel in education in the past but since independence the region is now the least performing with graduates on streets without jobs but they are told to vote for party that has brought down the economy of the country.

“Graduates in Zambezi have become street vendors selling vegetables and fish to mention a few, as if they don’t have qualifications. People are constantly moved from squatter camps to the other as if they are refugees in their own country, the drama must be stopped forthwith and ensure safety and respect for all people irrespective of status in society” He quashed.

National Chairperson for APP added that underdevelopment road infrastructure in the town of Katima Mulilo is a shame with potholes everywhere. Water and electricity is being cut every time as if people are living in a desert.

Muchila said that healthy services has drastically reduced to zero with no medications most of the time, without medical specialist and patients are travelling long distance of 500-1300 kilometers to receive standard treatment services and mostly die on their way.

“Today our formal school going children carry along plastic chair to school as if they are going to Sunday School. Can you imagine the other thing, after 29 years of independence we still have elderly people without identity documents, disqualifying or robbing them their democratic and humanitarian rights as citizens” remarked APP national chairperson.

He therefore lamented the fact that when APP will be elected into power they will establish new major agricultural projects like maize farm project alongside the Linyanti River, sugarcane farm at Lake Kalimbeza, rice farm alongside the triangle of Ikaba, Mbalasinte and Kasika flood plans. Horticulture farm at Musanga, revive Katima farm and commercial livestock farm for the unutilized forest between Mpacha military base and Kongola to generate much needed state revenue, reduce unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Muchila called on voters in Zambezi region to vote for APP to bring changes and development as their ultimate goal in this upcoming election to drastically abolish the dominance of two third majority of the ruling SWAPO party and level the playing ground for the true democracy to prevail in Namibia.

“I encourage every eligible voter to vote for APP  for the creation of a just and prosperous society to eliminate poverty, reduction of unemployment, underdevelopment, homeless for our nation to reaffirm its sovereignty and self-reliance” concluded Muchila.






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