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Team members of Advantage Advertising Agency

On the evening of October 19th, Advantage Advertising welcomed guests to their new offices in Windhoek West to unveil their new look and enhanced offerings. The most significant announcement was a formalised commitment to creating a positive impact in society through the creation of meaningful ideas that elevate brands and change lives.

After 28 years in the business, Advantage is the most awarded advertising agency in Namibia, having won multiple Loerie Awards, D&AD Pencil in London, a Grand Prix at the Epica Awards in France, as well as achieving a coveted shortlist at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, amongst many others.

Over the years, Advantage has worked with a number of blue-chip companies such as FNB, Pasta Polana, Top Score, RealGood Chicken, MTC, Standard Bank, RFA, MVA, Telecom Namibia, the Frans Indongo Group, Namdeb and more.

At their rebranding launch event, Advantage unveiled a new logo and identity which highlights their elevated offering. Toufic Beyhum, Creative Director, said of the new look: “We are well known in Namibia as being a quality, creative advertising agency. However, with our new direction taking shape, we thought it was important to refresh our identity. Our colours and designs are now bolder, and we’ve included iconography that shows how we are on the way up, approaching creativity from a higher vantage point.”

Advantage also highlighted the importance of digital services by announcing a boosted digital department, run by Melodia Dreyer, who commented: “In the evolving landscape of digital marketing, the blend of Augmented Reality (AR) and creativity is fundamental. At Advantage, our dedicated digital department is driving this innovation, amplifying our readiness to meet every client brief with innovative AR-driven strategies, ensuring not just engagement, but memorable brand interactions.”

The biggest shift in Advantage’s direction, however, is a commitment to advertising that has a positive impact on society, with a specific focus on Shared Value, which is the pursuit of business success that also yields societal benefits.

Ama Owusu-Agyemang, Head of Strategy & Shared Value, announced this new focus alongside the creation of a new department within the company called The Alliance: “The Alliance will actively search for ways in which our clients can positively impact society, while still operating profitably. This Shared Value goes beyond Corporate Social Investment – it’s a win-win for business and for people.”

Carolina Medeiros, Account Director & General Manager, sees Advantage as responding to a change in the status quo. “We invite our existing and future clients to embark on a journey with us which will change the way brands operate in Namibia. We, as marketers and communicators, have the power to shift mindsets, behaviours and attitudes. Now is the time to use this power for the good.”

Carolina also touched on the importance of workplace culture within corporates. “Companies are not only about their customers, but also their human capital. If they don’t start the shift towards positive impact now, their employees will do it for themselves. It is a well-known worldwide trend that employees would consider changing jobs if offered a role with a company that has an excellent corporate reputation, derived from alignment with a higher purpose.”

Truda Meaden, Managing Director, who started Advantage Advertising 28 years ago, sees the current changes as a vital step forward which pre-empts changes in global attitudes towards advertising. “For decades, we’ve led the way in Namibia with our creativity. Now, it’s time to shift focus and provide a service for people as well as profits, keeping in line with global trends.”

Truda closed her speech on the night with an important announcement: “On March 1st, 2024, Carolina Medeiros and Ama Owusu-Agyemang will become partners in the company and will take over the majority of my shareholding. However, I will continue to be involved in the company and passionate about the exciting future we have in store. Rest assured, we are still Advantage, offering what we’ve done so well for almost three decades.”

Advantage Advertising has a history in impactful advertising, having won hearts, minds and awards for Greenpeace, the Buy-a-Brick campaign, as well as the PowerPad Girls. Their new focus on impactful advertising is simply the next step forwards for a company that is ready to use its powers for good, to help create a sustainable, responsible future for all.

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