6 members of Caprivi Concerned Group in court

By Simon Liseli

SIX (6) members of the Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) appeared in Katima Mulilo district court before magistrate Mr. Boyd Namushinga and public prosecutor Ms. Esther Jafet, on Tuesday.

6 members of the Caprivi Concerned Group appear in KatimaMulilo District Court

They are facing charges of failing to obey laws and orders, sedition and incitement of public violence.
The accused suspects are leaders of the Caprivi Concerned Group Mr. Aldrin Mahulilo, Coordinator, Mr. Edwin Samati,Secretary general , Mr. Event Mubita Linyando,Secretary for Information and Publicity including ordinary members Mr. Braster Maketo Kakula, Mr. Thomas Mulonga and Mr. Christopher Kakula.

The suspects were arrested in the early hour of Sunday (July 8, 2018) at Liselo area some 10 kilometers west of Katima Mulilo when they were trying to conduct a public meeting with residents of the area.
Their case was postponed to September 20, 2018 for further police investigations and the accused suspects were remanded in police custody until that date, and no bail was granted to all suspects with reasons that they are facing serious offences, and if granted bail they may interfere with some investigations.

Their rights to legal representation were clearly explained to all accused suspects by the court where the three suspects Mr. Mulonga, Mr. Christopher Kakula and Mr. Linyando told the court that they will apply for legal aid while Mr.Braster Kakula indicated that he will conduct his own defence and Mr. Mahulilo and Mr. Samati will have their own private legal representatives.

However, privy sources say the meeting was intended to discuss how family members will receive their families who are to be repatriated from Dukwi refugee camp of Botswana not of secessionist.
“The was nothing like secession discussions at the meeting that was intended, it was just some talks on how families will receive their relatives since it’s a forceful repatriation their security might not be like for those who voluntarily repatriated” said a privy source.






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