5 Police Officers in Court for Corruption

By Simon Liseli
Five (5) members of the Namibian police in Katima Mulilo are in court facing charges of corruption, fraud and use of fake money.
This was revealed to Caprivi Vision by Zambezi Regional Commander, Karel Theron after some reports from the community recently.
The accused suspect,Head of Explosive Unit Chief Inspector Titus Angala was arrested for allegedly using fake money to fuel his vehicle at Kamunu Total Service Station.He appeared before the Katima Mulilo Magistrate Court on May 17, 2019 where his case was remanded to July 29, 2019 for plea and trial, his CR Number is 1754 of 2019.
On 14 May 2019 , Constable Chali Simanga and Detective Sergeant Nzwile Poniso were arrested for corruption in demanding money from the suspect and the duo appeared before the Katima Mulilo District court on 16 May 2019, facing the charge of corruption and the case was remanded for further police investigation on 18 June 2019 and their CR number is 1095 of 2019.
A Warrant Officer, Gabriel Karunda was arrested on 28 April 2019 for misuse of government vehicle and appeared before court on 30 April 2019 where his case was remanded for further investigation and for the Prosecutor General (PG) decision his CR number is 224 of 2019.
On May 3, 2019 Sergeant Fidelis Matota was arrested and made his first appearance before the court on 8 May 2019 and charged with fraud and the matter was remanded to July 3, 2019 for further police investigations.
The Police Commander in Zambezi Mr.Theron warned people who are commenting on the social media, on the story that was published in this paper that their comments will not give anything productive as others are based on tribalism.
“Like where someone said to bring somebody on top of other people here in Zambezi region, it’s uncalled for, it’s a useless comment if you look in other regions that is there? Even some people from Zambezi have ranks in other regions but nobody is complaining. Simple example, station commander of Otjiwarongo is from Zambezi and Commanding Officer for Internal Investigations in Windhoek headquarter is from this region but no one is complaining” he stressed.
He added that there’s nothing wrong with complaints, but people must leave court cases in the jurisdictions of the competent court to decide on the matters whether they are right or wrong.
“The cases were reported by the community not by the police regional commander, so people must wait for the court to pronounce itself on these cases” he lamented.






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