350 bicycles for Tuliwonde Project at Ngoma launched

By Simon Liseli at Ngoma

CATHOLIC Aids Action group launched a bicycle project at Ngoma last month as a fundraising initiative for Orphans and vulnerable children.
However, the second hand bicycles will be sold at N$750.00 each, 28 speeds and BMX (small bicycles) at N$200.00.

MEMBERS of the Catholic Aids Action at NGOMA displaying bicycles , Photo by Simon Liseli
project started in 2008 with the aim of helping Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

The Catholic Aids Action is operating in nine (9) regions of Namibia including the Caprivi region. Tuliwonde Bicycle Project was formed in Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency by the Catholic Aids Action and has so far received a donation again in July 2010 from BEN Namibia. The donation includes a container of 350 bicycles and a sponsored training of its 5 volunteers was taken for a Bicycle Mechanical Training.
Speaking at the event, the Acting Principal of Mafwila Secondary School Mrs. Esnard Ilukena thanked women at Ngoma for their unity to go ahead with their work.
“You men should also follow this example and by doing that we will definitely reduce crime, Indunas (village headmen) must talk to our people to invite these types of projects.This project is contributing much to our learners, giving them school uniforms and school bags, as the school and its management are also trying to give them letters to register themselves with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for them to get grants,” she stressed
Miss. Jennet Sibeso Sheho a nurse at Ngoma Clinic described the project as part of development in Ngoma because the project members are taking care of people in villages.
Meanwhile, Miss Sibeso added on saying “Men in Ngoma are cowards; I do not know what is wrong with them. You are always forced by your wife to go for medications and once you feel better you go for other women forgetting the one who helped you. Please stop that, it’s bad,” lamented Sibeso.
Mr.Charles Mukendwa an Investigation Officer at Ngoma Police Station advised people at Ngoma to take care of what they received and urged Indunas to talk to their people and has also warned people to follow what the laws of the country say as the police are ready to protect people of Namibia.
The Site Project Manager Mrs. Charity Simataa of Tulionde Project urged people of Ngoma to cooperate and stand together when it comes to development.
“Working together is the only way we can move forward and unity is the key to development,” said Mrs Simataa
Witnessing the event was the principal of Ngoma Primary School Mr. Charles Kamwi, Tuli Namundjebo the Namibian Police Regional HIV/Aids Coordinator and Unit Commander for Second hand goods in the Caprivi region.
While still at the launch, other senior people including Mr Martin Siseho Chizabulyo the Senior Agricultural Extension Technician, Acting Principal of Mafwila Secondary School Mrs. Esnard Ilukena Sibolile, Mr Charles Mukendwa of Nampol at Ngoma Police Station also saw the handover.






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