18 Years For Raping a Minor

 A 46 – year – old man was sentenced to an effective 18 years imprisonment for raping  a minor by the Katima Mulilo Magistrates Court.

The acussed Mr. Aron Mutakela Kalaluka (46) was charged and found guilty of contravening the Rape Act (Combating of Rape Act, Act 8 of 2000).

 The  acussed lured his 2 year old niece on June 16,  2011 to his homestead where he proceeded to have sexual intercourse with the minor.

 It is believed that prior to the incident, the minor had been with her Elder sister Ms. Regina Kahundu Mutonga at the court yard, while there She realised that the minor was no longer there and at which she started calling for her, the minor  responded from Mr. Kalaluka`s household.

 When she (Sister Mutonga) found the minor , she noticed that she had difficulties in walking.

 The minor informed her Elder Sister that she wanted to urinate and it was at that time that She observed some whitish fluid coming from the minor’s private parts.

 When Ms. Mutonga asked the minor asked her younger sister what had happened she just repeatedly called out the accused’s names and pointed out to his house, the minor was later taken to the clinic along with other relatives where she was later examined by a nurse.

During aggravation it was argued that the accused being the victims`s uncle was in a position of trust as an Uncle.

 He instead abused his position of responsibility to the victim aged 2 years and 10 months which makes her a minor.

 In mitigation the accused was handed an 18 year jail term under the Combating of Rape Act, Act 8 of 2000.

Magistrate William Kasitomo of the Katima Mulilo Regional Court presided the matter and the State was witnessed by Public Prosecutor Ms. Esther Jafet.






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