15 Years for Murder

By Simon Liseli

A-23-year old Namibian male  was sentenced to fifteen (15) years imprisonment by the Katima Mulilo Regional court for killing the forty seven ( 47 )  year woman at Omega.

The ruling was made by the public prosecutor Mr. Jatiel Mudamburi and the presiding officer Mr. William Kasitomo of the regional court.

The accused person Mr.Haraseb Mutagob (23) did unlawfully and intentionally killed a 47 year old woman Ms.Josephine Watcher by assaulting her with some stones on the head that led to her death at Omega in the western Caprivi.

The accused with the deceased were drinking beer together at Mushashani Village at a certain bar and later during the night the two left the beer hall going towards the deceased’s house and along the way the accused (Haraseb) then assaulted the deceased with some stones on the head and died instantly.

In the police affidavits , the deceased’s body was discovered in the morning and that the accused was the last person to be seen with the late .

The police went to his house and at his house they observed that the accused had washed all his clothes and he was drying them inside the house including those he was wearing that night and the shoes were also washed but it was still having some blood stains and he was then arrested on the very day of October 12, 2008.

During the proceedings of the court the accused was granted a bail of N$800 but he defaulted the court and was re-arrested.

On February 22, 2012 he was convicted of murder and on February 24, 2012 he was then charged to fifteen years imprisonment without an option of paying a fine.

He conducted his own defence.





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