Zambezi Legends Soccer Team on the Move

By Simon Liseli

Group photo for Zambezi Legends and Botswana-Nata Legends at Katima Mulilo Sport Complex

A Newly formed soccer team for legends in Zambezi region is on the move after winning two international games that kicked off last month.
The match took place at Katima Mulilo Sports Complex on June 24-25 between legends of Botswana from Nata and both games were won by Zambezi Legends Team.
According to Mr. Justice Muhinda Muhinda, Team Manager for Zambezi Legends divulged to Caprivi Vision Sport that, the team was formed in January this year with the purpose of promoting body physical fitness, show-case transfer and identifying talent amongst the youth in Zambezi region with the aim to reduce substance to alcohol abuse, socialising with others and reduce the legends involvement in criminal activities.

Mr. Justice Muhinda Muhinda , team manager for Zambezi Legends

The team is currently looking for sponsorships from local business people in the region as they do not have supporters but are surviving on individual monthly support membership donations from some of its committed legends.
Asked how Legends are currently registered, Mr. Muhinda alluded that “The team currently as per our WhatsApp group indicates that around 95 members are registered but due to non-compliant Legends failing to honour our monthly membership fee, the team is roomed down to only 30 members who have shown commitment for paying their monthly membership fees” he noted.
Zambezi Legends team has recently played with Triumphant College.
On the upcoming events, Zambezi Legends will have a friendly match between Kasane Legends of Botswana on July 30, 2023 with no prize competed for, and the Kasane Legends will be received on July 29, the day that is planned for socialising session and braai for dinner as arranged by organisers.
Mr. Muhinda added that “The main event/match is arranged to take place at our Katima Mulilo Sports Complex at 9hrs in the morning on the 30th of July 2023”
He stressed that “Our main expectation from the whole social event is to Learn about the running and management of our Legends Team from our counterparts, and as well as any other skills involved in running the Legends team, also how their team interact during their games, outside sports grounds”

Zambezi Legends Team Manager, Mr. Muhinda invites all legends (Old timers) in the region to join and participate in their club.
He further urged and invited technical and financial support from eligible Sports lovers and business people. He also requests sponsorships for refreshments and any kind of support and invites public to come in number to support their local team.







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