Word on Streets : Zambezi Or Caprivi ?

 On August 8, 2013 , The Namibian Head of State President  Hifikepunye Pohamba  announced the changes in renaming  Caprivi to Zambezi Region.

In response to recent changes , Caprivi Vision  Reporter  Dominic Sikopo took to the streets of Katima Mulilo to find out from the residents whether they agree with the name changes or not.

Mr. Mareka Austezen(36) had this to say: “ I agree with the name changes, especially the one on Caprivi to Zambezi because the name “Caprivi” was from a colonizer and he was not even born here, so if people of the land decide to change then it is their right to change” he stressed.

Lutheran Pastor Epafras Hainghumbi aged 35 years  said : “I agree with the name changes,  have we been using foreign names as they did not do anything positively significant for the country, this gentleman Mr. Von Caprivi, what did he do? for him to be honoured naming the region after Zambezi is understandable because the river is popularly known throughout Africa and has great significance to the region. It is good to rename the other regions”.

A Grade 10 student Christetar Samahili had this to say on the issue: “I disagree because it will increase expenses as they will have to buy new things to develop our region for example buying or publishing new text books and maps”.

Some of the learners of the Caprivi Senior Secondary School
Some of the learners of the Caprivi Senior Secondary School, From left is Pumulo Euna Maswahu, Kaungwe Sikopo ( Centre) and Tseko Sanimombo ( Right)

16 year old Sikopo Kaungwe and Sanimombo Tseko ( 15 ) shared these sentiments on the matter: “We agree because Caprivi was named after the German Chancellor von Caprivi so we are no longer colonised so our region has to be named after our river which is the third or fourth largest in Africa, our school( Caprivi Senior Secondary School)  should also be re -named to Zambezi High School” they added.

15 year old Maswahu Pumulo Euna: “I agree because the name Caprivi was a German based name and we didn’t know what Caprivi meant but at least now that is changed and it is now Zambezi and Zambezi is a river that is based in Caprivi, so I’m proud to know that it has changed from a German name”.

A Senior Citizen who preferred to have his indentify not revealed did not agree with the name change explaining that he would preferred if they had named the region after Katima Mulilo as he felt it had more historical significance and that the name Zambezi stemmed from Zambia.

Ms. Pilaelo Pherika aged 28 also shared her opinion on the matter:” I don’t think the name should change because Caprivi is well known, it is what we have known all along, it is what we have studied in school so it is going to be difficult for people to get used to Zambezi, She also felt that there was no sense in changing names as there was still poverty in the region, “They should concentrate in bringing employment opportunities to the people”, She added.

Another woman aged 30 years who opted to remain anonymous , argued that She does not agree, “I do not agree because Caprivi is where we were born and it is part of our tradition and naming us after Zambezi will be like making us part of Zambia as it is where the name Zambezi stems from”, She concluded.







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