Woman  wants Zambezi boundary to be extended to Mukuvi

By Risco Lumamezi

Ms. Freda Tungulu , delivering her oral submission to the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commissioners

A resident of Kalyangile Village some 60 kilometres west of Zambezi region in Sibbinda Constituency ,has called the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission (BDDC)  to extend the boundary beacon of the Zambezi region to Mukuvi in the Kavango East  Region.

Ms. Freda Tungulu , an out-spoken woman made her oral submission to the BDDC at a public meeting held in Katima Mulilo on Monday.

According to Her, the current boundary which has been shifted several times after the first Boundaries  Delimitation and Demarcation Commission of 1992 , which is now at Cheto should be taken back to Mukuvi which is across the Kavango river of the Kavango East.

“ I was a worker  in Kavango but I have never heard of any change of the boundary” stressed Tungulu

The concerned woman added that the current boundary should be moved back to Mukuvi as its origin since after independence , when Mukwe Constituency was part of the then Caprivi Region.

“ Let us understand one another , I feel so much painful about this beacon boundary”

Seen on this photo is retired judge Petrus Unengu, second left with other Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commissioners in Katima Mulilo during Consultative Meeting on Monday May 13,2024

She however urged all the participants and all people in Zambezi to unite against the boundary of Kavango East and Zambezi region to be resolved soon, as it will keep on shifting from places such as Sinai  and lastly at Bukalo.

She called the BDDC chairperson , retired High Court Judge Petrus Unengu who is also a resident of Kavango to understand the matter seriously without compromising his work.

She further called the commission to otherwise consider changing the name Zambezi to Caprivi region. “Iam not a fish , am a Caprivian”

The BDDC will finish their public consultative meeting at Kamunu Village Hall in Katima Mulilo on Tuesday May 14 , and thereafter will visit Kavango East Region.







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