Who is Street-G?

By Simon Liseli

He is a solo artist who plays Afro and House music, born and bred in Zambezi Region. His real names are Mr. Bevin Mbala Masule.

Mr.Bevin Mbala Masule popularly known as (Street-G)

Street-G as his stage name, was inspired by different local artists but the major ones are The Dog and Gazza.

He released his first-ever one track album – single this year (2020) which he called COVID-19 featuring Corona virus pandemic disease that the world is facing, the song that hit siLozi airwaves especially during the first stage of the lock-down when the country was under the state of emergency and shut down.

Mbala sang the song in Subia, as his mother tongue for people who don’t understand English to get what he meant in the song, and many liked the song.

He was born on 26 August 1992 in Katima Mulilo in a family of three (3) him being the last born, one brother and a sister, his father is Mr. Richard Masule Siyomunji who hails from Ikaba and his mother is Ms. Judith Lumba Mbanga from Naziyabo village in Namiyundu area east of Zambezi and all passed on when he was still young.

Street-G’s producer is Marko-P from Full Moon Recording Studio in Katima Mulilo, where he recorded his debut.

As an unemployed youth, He is seeking for a sponsorship as he does not have a sponsor.

This upcoming artist is facing lack of support from local people as they do not sponsor, and is looking for a sponsorship to keep his dream come true.

Street-G started his primary school in 1999 at Ngweze where he did his grade 1-4. In 2004 he was transferred to Ikaba Primary School where he continued with his grade 5-10 and matriculated at Ngweze Senior Secondary School where he did his grade 11 and 12 from 2013-2014.

According to him, He tried to upgrade grade 12 results in 2018 but did not make it due to lack of support.

His other future plans are to become a businessman or be a geographer if he furthers his studies and also plans to open up a studio where he will need dancers.

Asked why he called himself Street-G, he explained that the name reminds him when he used to play in the streets at a tender age.

“I really need support to develop myself, educate and entertain my fans” he said.

When asked how he managed to record his song, “I recorded that song on that COVID-19 grant of N$750 that was dished to people to help themselves during the pandemic of corona virus across the country.”

His first performance this year was at Base Bar situated at some five (5) kilometers north of Katima Mulilo along the Zambezi river, and many  fans flocked to see him as many people they do not know who is ‘Street-G’.

His favourite dish is thick porridge with milk and sugar plus fried fish.

He hopes to release is full album next year.

“I need support, business people support me to keep music industry live and our region to be known by music and to learners, please read very hard to pass since this  has been a difficult year because of Covid-19 that disturbed your learning” he concluded.

Follow and like his single audio,https://youtu.be/QK0aaeromko

For more you can contact Street-G at 0813795618






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