Terror 100, to launch his 3rd album

By Risco Lumamezi

 An Afro-Pop and house musical artist, Terrence Silimwe Chunga who is commonly known by his stage name “Terro 100” is set to launch his third album on September 2, 2023 in Katima Mulilo.

He was born on August 22, 1990 in a remote small town of Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi region, he hails from Schuckmannsburg village also called Luhonono in the Kabbe North Constituency, about 65 kilometers east of Katima Mulilo.

Mr.Terrence Silimwe Chunga, commonly known by his stage name “Terro 100”


 He was brought to life and raised by his two parents Patricia Monde Sitali (mother) and his father Mr. Raphael Simataa Chunga.

He is the first born in the family of nine (9), he lived in transits as his parents were in separation. “Both of my parents are from Luhonono village. I am the first born on both my mother and father side. On my mother side I have two younger sisters and four younger brothers. On my father side I have two younger brothers. My parents are not together anymore, so I grew up in a step family.”

Silimwe started his primary education at Dr Sam Nujoma Combined School from Grade 1 to 7 and later proceeded to Mavuluma Secondary School where he did his Grade 8.

He completed his secondary education at Simataa Senior Secondary School in 2008 and after passing his grade 12, He got his admission to further his studies at Katima Mulilo UNAM Campus in education.

“I Completed my teaching career and started working as a teacher in Rundu in the year 2012”.

In 2015, he moved to Tsumeb and started doing music with his friend (DJ Vuyo) in 2015. “I am musically inspired by the legend Lucky Dube, and also my father is a musical man. My father has his own musical equipment at home which he plays for fun”.


According to him, “I am so passionate with music and that’s what drives my energy to do music. When it comes to music am a multi-talented artist who can do many types of music genre. But for now, am more focusing on doing Afropop and house music. My music represents the African cultures and especially that for my tribe which is the Masubia tribe”.

Terror 100 does his music rehearsals and performances when he is free during weekends and school holidays. “When it comes to work, I make sure I perform all my duties and I always make sure I don’t combine music with my teaching job. I have worked with a lot of producers, but my main producer is DJ Vuyo whom I have been working with for many years now, since the release of our single song titled (Chintinina).”

When asked what challenges he is facing in the music industry of Namibia, “There are many challenges in music, but the most challenge that affects me is the poor support on music from family, friends and the country at large. people will always wait for you to become famous it’s when they will start associating with you and your music. There is also a lack of knowledge on how to market and promote music in Namibia” he explained


In 2020 he released an album called (Hustler 9) which had 15 songs, which didn’t do well.  In August this year is set to release his new EP(CD) which will consist of 10 songs and the title of the EP is (Back to my roots).

“From 2015 when I started doing music, I was not really committed much to music, because of the pressure I was getting from my job (teaching), but when I found a balance between my music and teaching, then I released my album in 2021. I have four music videos on YouTube which are also played on NBC Television. My latest video I recently released is for a song called (don’t judge me).”

He said the message in this song is to give advice to people to stop judging others for doing things wrong, “but instead to assist or advice, because some people do things, not because they want to but because of situations they found themselves in Judging people to contribute to suicides and people should stop judging others. People who go to church also like judging others and look at others as unholy, which is not good also.”

In his latest album he has featured the local artists such as Belle Makhaso, Proof Nana, SIS, Famous, Seemzee, and Neslow.

He further announced that his latest EP (BACK TO MY ROOTS) will be launched on 02 September 2023 in Katima Mulilo. “To my people out there, please support your boy Terror 100 he is the future super star for Africa. Let’s support the young talents. And may God bless you all.

Favourite dish

He enjoys eating porridge with tilapia fish.

Terror 100’s latest music video can be viewed on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k78I1pFWIk

For more information, please contact Terrence Chunga on his email: chungarocky@gmail.com, mobile phone: +264813322423 P.O. Box 1901 Tsumeb, Namibia.







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