SWAPO hits a snag

Editor , Risco Mashete Lumamezi
POLITICAL career in the Caprivi region is on the tribal grounds, while others in this country are bringing development closer to the people.

The Katima Rural Constituency in this great region is the most controversial stool compared with the rest, This stretches from Ngoma in the east via Bukalo, Musanga , Chefuzwe and Liselo areas which are near Katima Mulilo town then continues stretching to Machita, Muyako and Ibbu road up to Mahundu near Ngoma Boarder.Among other things that are on the centre stage are that of the creation of new SWAPO branches that others within the ruling party still have a doubt that are from the opposition parties.

Some elements within the political circle have proposed that this troubled Katima Rural constituency must be stripped off into two parts due to leadership infighting which is spiced by tribal grounds between the ethnic Masubia and Mafwe tribes.

Tribalism will not take us anywhere if we don’t share leadership and resources together to alleviate poverty and unemployment among our people.

What we need to know upfront is that, these divisions were otherwise created in the past in order to win the race in the political arena while without knowing that it delayed development.

I understand that, this is not of the present and if we go back into political history during Namibia’s quest for independence, for example Caprivi African National Union (CANU) made different steps during its road map, as they were divisions within the party which made CANU dirty and confused our respected Chiefs.

Boarder disputes between Mafwe and Masubia dismantled unity which was there because this political party was transformed into CANU Royal, claimed to be for Masubia, while others continued with the other CANU, which was later swallowed by the National Patriotic Front (NPF) for the late Moses Katjiongwa.While others formed-up Caprivi Alliance Party (CAP) which got its affiliation with the United Democratic Front (UDF) for Chief of the Damara tribe, Justus //Garoeb in 1989. CAP was also a political party which was under the banner of CANU.Others joined United Democratic Party for Mishake Muyongo which joined DTA . Now that, SWAPO has harboured all opposition loyal supporters in the Katima Rural constituency with aims to bring development to its cohorts.

One will understand that political bearers should not enter offices with hope only to bring development to their strongholds only rather to create the balance…

However, the delimitation commission assigned to come later this year should be told to re-demarcate the Katima Rural under the road map that they should be Katima Rural East and Katima Rural West to bring development such as the rural electrification and infrastructures in other parts of this constituency should be applicable.If tribalism persists further, then people should be grouped according to their traditional khutas who know their people to otherwise alleviate poverty.





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