Samupwa calls for hard work in schools

By Staff Reporter

EDUCATION Director of Zambezi region has emphasised teachers to perform better to make all learners to pass their grades.

Mr. Austin Samupwa , Director of Education
Mr. Austin Samupwa , Director of Education

Mr. Austin Samupwa has set the year 2014 for hard work after him and his team met all circuits in the region after the grade 10 and 12 results were released which was not satisfactory.

In an exclusive interview with Caprivi Vision, he said he has set some standard that all learners have to obtain symbols like A,B and C and teachers should abide to the standard set by his office.

“They are standard that are set by this region that no teacher is allowed to perform below 65 percent per class” Mr. Samupwa pointed out.

He added that their target is to obtain 100 percent results “ it is not a target but a minimum performance , we have to move from 65% ”. “This year we will make sure that we supervise everybody starting from regional office here to schools everybody must ensure that they do what they appointed to do” quashed Zambezi Director who was proud with the Grade 12 results for higher level  which his Directorate ranked position 2 in the country.

He is confident that through the School Board meetings He recently conducted with all Teachers at Ngoma , Bukalo, Chinchimani, Sibbinda and Katima Mulilo it was agreed that no teacher is allowed to perform below the set goal.

Mr. Samupwa dismissed queries of parents who raised concerns that some school principals have turned away pupils who failed their Grade 10 . “first and fore most , I don’t want to see repeaters, i want learners to go into any grade and pass it during that year and proceed to another grade”

He also explained that “I also want parents not only to be vocal when their children had failed, whereas during the year, the school boards are calling meetings of parents and they don’t come , they don’t check whether their children are studying”

Grade 10 results in Zambezi region was at lower level as from 2006 was on 40 % , while in 2007 obtained 48 percent which was on position 4 compared to the rest of the country.

In 2008 and 09 was on position 6 and 7 with 50.5 % , 2010 was on position 4 with 54.3 % and in 2011 improved to 59.3 % on position 3, while the year 2012 and 2013  dropped down to 52.2 % .






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