Rural development underway in Zambezi

By Simon Liseli

CONSTRUCTIONS of roads, supplying of potable water and electrification of schools to remote areas of Zambezi region, are some of the priorities by Zambezi Regional Council in taking government services closer to the people this year.

This was revealed by Zambezi Governor, Lawrence Sampofu during an interview with the Caprivi Vision recently.

Muyako-Ngoma road in Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency to link the envisaged new gravel road from Masokotwani, Machita-Kwena to Sizimbukwa , this is ear-marked to be upgraded this year

Constructions of new roads and upgrading of some feeder roads in Zambezi region will make people easier to reach their villages and poor road networks it will be now a story of the past.

Governor Sampofu lamented the fact that because of budgetary constraints faced in these past years, Muyako-Ngoma road was supposed to be tarred last year and the Zambezi Regional Council in conjunction with the Roads Authority are looking at it to be tarred this year.

A new gravel road from Masokotwani, Machita-Kwena to Sizimbukwa which will connect to the main road of Ngoma was approved , and should have also started last year but because of budgetary constraints will start with de-bushing this year.

Sibbinda to Linyanti gravel road will be also upgraded after tarring Muyako-Ngoma road depending on the budget.

He added that the problem of water in the region will be also addressed though the region is surrounded by rivers, water is still a problem and the rural water supply division has now decentralised its function to the Regional Council, and is working hard to make sure that some communities in the rural areas get water.

“We have this Katima Mulilo to Sibbinda pipeline its pressure is very low and we have engaged NamWater to upgrade it so that our people who are living along this pipeline get water properly” he said.

Linyanti to Maunga pipeline will be also extended to Sangwali but still need to have its budget.

When asked to shed some lights on how far the rural electrification gone, Governor Sampofu responded that “rural electrification is going very well in the region last year we managed to electrify four (4) schools, and these are Muketela Primary School, Samudono, Mbambazi and Sauzuo Combined School in the south of Zambezi region”.

Caprivi Vision has also established that the connection of power to some villages nearby these schools is also on hold due to unavailability of funds, residents have raised concerns that they have been left out with development.

However, in the past the concept of rural electrification used to benefit villagers who are within 500 radius near the government property such as clinic and the school.

“This year we are still waiting for the budget… we are left with almost 23 schools that need to be electrified as per government directives” explained Sampofu.

He pointed out that Impalila Island will be supplied with electricity this year as it is now at Ivilivinzi, since 2017 and this year it will be extended to Impalila Island and roads will be also maintained to better standards, Roads Authority has already surveyed the area.

“Those are some of developments that people should expect to start this year” he concluded.







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