Police Commander warns 5 corrupt police officers

By Simon Liseli

 ZAMBEZI Regional Commander of the Namibian Police, Karel Theron has warned five(5)accused police officers who were arrested for fake money and corruption to refrain from illegal activities.

Regional Commander Theron confirmed to Caprivi Vision that a certain Chief Inspector who is known by this paper was arrested for allegedly using fake money to fuel his car at Kamunu Petrol Station in Katima where his cash was discovered as false money.

Zambezi Regional Commander Karel Theron
Photo taken by Simon Liseli

The case was opened to the suspect leading to his arrest on 17 May 2019 in Katima Mulilo. The case was investigated by the police and he appeared before the court where he was granted bail of N$1000.

In another incidence of corruption four police officers were apparently arrested in Katima Mulilo for corruption while abusing their positions claiming for reward.

Corruption cases in Zambezi region drags from the 28th of April 2019 where police officers have been arrested on allegations of demanding money from complainants for their cases to be frustrated with investigations, for the court to withdraw them because of lacking evidence due to docket sales by police officers to suspects.

“Members of the community I want to make it clear that here it’s not the issue of hunting police officers or group of police officers which hunts the other group nothing like that in Zambezi and I will not allow that to happen in this region because is solely the community to come forth in reporting things to the police”  warned Zambezi regional commander.

On 28 April 2019  a certain warrant officer, also known to this paper was arrested for misuse of GRN vehicle. The car was handed to a group of police officers attending classes in Windhoek and on his way back to Katima was supposed to park the vehicle at Zambezi police headquarter in Katima until Monday when inspections should have carried out to hand over the car to the transport officer but the car was used during weekend visiting shebeens and night clubs.

“When we look for the car to be used in other operation it was not found we only found it parking at the shebeen called Facebook bar in Katima Mulilo, he was arrested and charged a bail of N$1000” explained police commander Theron.

On 6 May 2019 a certain Sergeant was arrested for demanding money from victims to deform his duties and appeared before court where he was released on a bail of N$6000. A Constable was arrested on 14 May 2019 for corruption of demanding money from suspects. The accused police officer with the other detective officer they cooperated to get money from the complainant of the case and the suspect approached the police and reported the matter.

“We police officers we are being paid by the government to perform duties for government and the community, we cannot demand money from the community or complainants to do our work its wrong and its corruption we will not tolerate that in this region” He warned.

He however lambasted those police officers who are saying that are being witch hunted  by other officers in the region as not true “If you commit a crime you will be dealt with the same manner and way as we deal with any other person who commits crime, in Namibia there  is no issues of favouring”

Zambezi Police Commander further calling the police officers to maintain law and order to serve the community where they found themselves for community to trust them with open hearts and minds to work together not mistrust them. “Police Officer in this might Zambezi region must refrain from illegal activities and their work as it is expected as stipulated in the Namibian constitution and police act with its legislation matters” he concluded







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