Pohamba Grabs RDP members at Sibbinda

PRESIDENT of SWAPO PARTY, Hifikepunye Pohamba speaking at Sibbinda

By Simon Liseli

PRESIDENT of the ruling SWAPO PARTY , Hifikepunye Pohamba have finally answered to political frictions at Sibbinda Constituency of the Caprivi Region after the official opposition party(RDP) won the constituency during Presidential and Parliamentary Elections held last year.
Speaking at the star rally for the 2010 Regional and Local Authority Elections, which will be held on 26, and 27 November, President Pohamba told the gathering that, his presence was part of the ongoing SWAPO party election campaigns.
“I am here to urge you all to vote for our dedicated cadres of our party, whose only mission is to ensure and accelerate service delivery to all our people. They will build on the strong foundation that the SWAPO party has already established in the areas of governance, service delivery, development of infrastructure and the broadening of socio-economic benefits of our people,” President Pohamba said.
At the rally, about 140 members of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) joined SWAPO and handed their membership cards to President Pohamba while the SWAPO Regional Coordinator for the Caprivi Region Mr. Ignatius Nkunga welcomed them in the party and invited other people to follow what others have done.
At the same occasion, Ms.Helen Mwabi who left SWAPO some years ago was re-united to the party, confessing that it is the only party that can change their lives and bring more development in the country. While Miss. Iddah Lifasi former RDP’s Secretary General for Women\’s Council also handed her membership card with her family.
“We are campaigning to win a landslide victory that will give SWAPO the mandate to continue with the development programmes it has initiated over the years. These includes the development of infrastructure in town and settlements, such as the ongoing construction of services at Bukalo, the upgrading of Katima Mulilo Regional Council Offices, the development of Zambezi Waterfront and other initiatives.” stressed President Pohamba
The Minister of Agriculture Water and Forestry honourable John Mutorwa, the National Leader assigned to the Caprivi region encouraged all the people who were at the rally to advice others to vote for SWAPO and urged them to take the messages to those who did not attend the rally.
Mr. Mutorwa thanked residents of Sibbinda Constituency for voting for him and other members of parliament during last year\’s Presidential and National Assembly’s election and also for voting for Mr. Mukupi to stand in the fourth coming Regional and Local Authority elections.
President Pohamba pointed out that, the Trans-Caprivi Highway has become a major artery for the movement of the people and goods as the construction of the new gravel and tarred road from Muyako to Ngoma, Kongola to the Zambian Border, Liselo to Linyanti and the construction of the new gravel road from Izimwe to Nakabolelwa is in progress and these road networks will stimulate movement of the people.
SWAPO Party President further added on the road infrastructures in the flood hit areas of the Caprivi that the government has recently acquired a landing craft (Boat) at a cost of N$4 million to ferry residents who are living along the Zambezi River to higher grounds especially flood victims and people at Impalila Island.
SWAPO party has nominated six candidates in both Regional and Local Authorities Elections, at Kabbe is Mr. Raphael Mbala ,who succeeded the former Concillor, Mr. Peter Mwala , Mr. Bernard Sibalatani is returning his seat as Candidate for Katima Urban Constituency , Katima Mulilo Rural is for Mr. Wardens Simushi a Chief Clerk at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigrations, who succeeded the current Caprivi Governor , Leonard Mwilima , while at Kongola is the new face of Mr. David Muluti a Business man who replaced former Concillor Moffat Sileze, Linyanti is for Mr. Cletius Sipapela who took over from former Councillor Dorothy Kabula and at Sibbinda , a controversial Constituency is represented by Mr. Felix Mukupi who is repeating for the second term.
While at Katima Mulilo Town Council, SWAPO has nominated Mr. Charles Matengu, the current Councillor Georgina Mwiya, Mr. John Likando the current Mayor of Katima Mulilo Town, Esther Sankwasa returned her seat as a candidate, Mr.Salubila Maswahu a well known SWAPO activist is standing as a new Candidate, Nsala Muhongo- Mapenzi was re- nominated for the second term and Mr. Michael Mudabeti was also nominated as a Candidate for the fourth – term.





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