Pets get free steralisation services at Impalila Island

By Peter Matengu at Impalila

ABOUT 23 dogs and 1 cat were offered with free steralisation service by Dr. Ian Baines Vet Mobile Clinic on Sunday, at Impalila Island some 120 km North Eastern territory of Namibia.   

Dr. Ian Baines, who owns the private clinic, is the lecturer at the University of Namibia, school of veterinary medicine and his crew of four people touched the grounds of Impalila Island over the weekend. They perform dog and cat sterilisation services for free to the low and non income earners across the country. This time around they came to the island upon the invitation of Mr Boxer Prinsloo, the owner of Plumbco Pty Ltd which is doing some construction work in the area.

Dr. Ian Baines, who owns the private clinic, and lecturer at the University of Namibia, school of veterinary medicine is operating steralisation surgery to a male dog at Impalila

The campaign was well received and appreciated by the locals, as the first of its kind. It also saved them from costs plus time to do paperwork for their animals if they had to use the Botswana route to reach Katima Mulilo.

The Chobe Park in Botswana is the mostly used route to reach the main territory, as it’s cheap, safe and convenient especially during flood seasons. “We are very much grateful, as these dogs’noise was an irritation to us during the night when they mate, atleast we are now relieved” one resident who preferred to remain anonymous shared her sentiments.

However some bystanders cited that no information reached their villages, and advised that the next trip they must announce their visit through NBC Ñwanyi FM, for a bigger turn up.

23 Dogs and a cat were sterilised and given free vaccination against parasites, and their owners received free animal magazines and dog food for each operated dog. “The campaign is aimed at controlling dog population, reduce sexually transmitted cancer,  enhance property protection as dog will have no time to look for mating partners, economic benefits as less food required to feed a controlled population” narrated Dr. Baines.

The Doctor also advised the community to import dogs of different colours as he noticed that 98% of the Dogs were brownish.

The mobile Clinic is sponsored by different organisations, and one of their main donors is Have a Heart, including UNAM which entered into a memorandum of understanding.  “ By next year the same time I will be accompanied by a big crew of Veterinary fourth year students from UNAM, which will make my work more easier, I want them(students to do community service apart from experimental learning “emphasised the Doctor.

He also stressed that he is free to offer his services at any place in the country provided they bill for the trip.

The clinic has so far sterilised 3500 dogs and cats in the last 18 months across the country. The Vet clinic operates twice on each of the six routes across the country, East, West, South East, South West, North East and North West. Their next trip is in July, Western route, covering Uis, Kamandjab, Usakos and Karibib.






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