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The year has practically ended, we the Caprivi Vision would like to reflect back to some of the events that made headlines in 2010.
First of all, we want to thank our main sponsors, the advertisers who contributed financially while keeping the spirit of printing this paper with.

We have to salute and thank our Local Government (Katima Mulilo Town Council) for stepping in with a sponsored page to the residents of our beautiful town in highlighting its major dilemmas in sharpening its political and developmental agendas. With this partnership with the Caprivi Vision, we understand and have to thank and urge the Katima Council to continue bringing new investors in our town that will boost our local economy and for this paper to grow.
The year 2010 brought new changes to the development of this paper,as a small community newspaper.We have managed to register for Value Added Tax(VAT) which we see that we have to contribute and roll back the money to the State being a Tax Payer .With that note,we would therefore want to urge the government specifically the Ministry of Finance to decentralise the Directorate of Inland Revenue to Caprivi region rather not being administered by Kavango region only and we have observed that some of the key line Ministries are mostly not administered by the Caprivi Region.

In 2010, we were able to report stories that we thought are of interest at heart, among all our readers. In this edition, we will bring you stories that made headlines in this 2010. We decided to publish headlines of these stories only.
As a newspaper that was established to build our democracy as part of informing this nation. We will continue publishing stories that we believe are the corner stone’s of our democracy.
While people are travelling and rejoining their families in cities and villages to bring food on the table of their sweats to celebrate the end of the year and in welcoming the brand new year 2011 with joy , we therefore want to keep our eyes opened watching the nation 24/7 as per our slogan.
We have noted and still want to create the culture of reading among young and old people of which through this vision , we understand and agree with hope that nobody should be left alone in darkness.
We are still thanking our readers and audience for stepping together with us in the new look of the world of technology when and after launching our brand new website :www.caprivivision.com in August 2009 for watching and reading us live.
With this gesture, we have seen our esteemed local advertisers coming with their banner ads on our webpage and on print.
We turned 8 years on April 30, 2010 in memory of the first edition of the Caprivi Vision Newspaper which hit the streets of Katima Mulilo and Windhoek on this day April 2002.
With these few words, good bye 2010 and welcome 2011.
Long live the Caprivi Vision Newspaper!





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